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Student playing violin
The RCM Certificate Program provides a recognized national standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from elementary through advanced levels. It supports teachers with high-quality and innovative resources all in one place so you can spend less time sourcing your material and focus on teaching and growing your studio.

Hear James Ehnes play Fantasia No. 1 in B flat Major, TWV 40:14: I by Telemann from the Violin Series, 2021 Edition, Level 8 Repertoire book!

Pre-order the New Violin Series Today*

The all-new RCM Violin Series, 2021 Edition is the perfect resource to use alongside RCM’s world-class violin curriculum. It includes a comprehensive,  collection of Repertoire, Orchestral Excerpts, Technique, Etudes and Musicianship – all in one system to support teachers and students in artistic and technical development. The new Violin Series, 2021 Edition will be available this coming June.

The RCM Violin Series, 2021 Edition features:

  • Progressive leveling with a diverse and wide range of styles and eras in each book, from beloved classics to uniquely commissioned arrangements.
  • Duets included throughout the series to introduce students to ensemble playing.
  • Performance and accompaniment recordings for each selection performed by renowned artists
​​*All offers expire June 27th, 2021.
**Please allow 1 – 2 weeks for the redemption code to be sent via email


Complementary Resources

In addition to Repertoire, Orchestral Excerpts, Technique, Etudes and Musicianship, the RCM offers many complementary teaching resources to support your teaching and enhance your students’ learning experiences.

Online Ear Training

The RCM Online Ear Training tool will help students improve their practical ear training skills by assessing chord progressions, chords, intervals, rhythm, melody, and harmonization. The online tool includes activities with feedback and hints, and acoustic musical examples. Students can complete these exercises during and in-between their lessons.  

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Teaching Online Course

Teaching remotely? The RCM offers collaborative courses with music education experts that will guide you through best practices and strategies to teach online effectively. The course is split into six modules and takes approximately 16-18 hours to complete.

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RCM Certificate Program

The RCM Certificate Program utilizes a prescribed curriculum that provides you with a complete teaching portfolio. The integrated curriculum of the RCM program lends itself to a blended learning approach that includes award winning educational resources, digital learning tools vetted by leading North American educators, and assessments provided by accredited third-party examiners.

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If you have any questions about the RCM Certificate Program, the new RCM Violin Series, or if you would like to learn more about retention and recruitment for your school, please fill out the following form and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.

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