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Elaine Capper

Elaine Capper
Elaine Capper Photo
  • Examiner

Education - Studies

  • BA, York University
  • Licentiate (Piano Performance), Trinity College, London
  • ARCT (Piano Performance), The Royal Conservatory

Elaine is a private studio teacher who also teaches at York University and the Preparatory School of Upper Canada College in Toronto.

As a private piano teacher Elaine Capper has worked with all ages and grade levels. In the past eight years she has accepted only  students at the Grade 5 level so as to focus her expertise on senior level students. Lessons include extensive technical work and development of musicianship, and working classes give students the opportunity to hear and learn from their peers. Her students take examinations and perform in festivals and assessments. Elaine brings an added dimension to her teaching of theory rudiments and music history by introducing her students to live

Elaine Capper has given workshops throughout Canada during examining assignments. These presentations about the examination procedure were most appreciated in smaller rural areas of the country, where teachers were eager to participate in the system despite not having qualified teachers in these small centres. After the Popular selection study substitution was introduced, one centre requested that the examiner go over all of the new pieces in the syllabus. Elaine has also given workshops for ORMTA, mostly on examination procedures.

Professional Affiliations

  • Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association
  • Canadian Federation of Music Teachers
  • The Council of Examiners