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All Instruments: Small Ensemble (Adults)

All Instruments: Small Ensemble (Adults)
Adult Ensembles
  • Available:  September 7, 2019 - April 23, 2020
  • Instructor:  RCS Faculty
  • Discipline:  Accordion, Brass, Bass Trombone, Euphonium, French Horn, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Chamber Music, Fiddling, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Piccolo, Double Bass, Technology, Vocal Studies, Voice, Winds, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone
  • Course Type:  Small Ensembles
  • Student Type:  Adults
  • Difficulty:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Course Description

Choose from a variety of groups including Brass Ensemble, Fiddle Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Fusio Jam Session, Guitar Group, Guitar Ensemble (Classical), Jazz Combo, and Latin Jazz.
Experience the joy of performing music in an ensemble!

  • Brass Ensemble

    Trumpets, French horns, trombones, baritones/euphoniums, and tubas are all welcome to join the Advanced Brass Ensemble!

    Gain valuable performance experience and improve your ensemble skills. Students receive individual instruction on an as-needed basis with respect to notes, intonation, dynamics, balance, and sound. The course culminates in an ensemble concert for friends and family.

    Class to take place Tuesday evening or Saturday afternoon as scheduled by instructor Stanley Rosenzweig in consultation with registered students.
  • Fiddle Ensemble

    Tamarack'er Down: Celtic-Canadian Orchestra

    Come join us for a great musical adventure! Classes are 90 minutes a week on Sundays.

    We will do arrangements of material drawn from Newfoundland, Cape Breton, 'Down-East/Old Time', French-Canadian/Metis and Irish traditions, working by ear and from music with chords, harmonies, back-up parts etc. 

    Open to all Intermediate/Advanced string players--violin, viola, cello and bass (fiddlers should have at least 3 years experience, i.e., 1 year of Level 5/6 RCM Fiddle classes or equivalent). Pianists and guitarists also welcome.
  • Flute Ensemble

    Explore familiar flute chamber music with your friends in the RCS Flute Ensemble! 

    In this bi-weekly class students will play transcriptions of famous flute melodies and lesser-known originals, in a relaxed informal setting, led by flutist/RCS faculty member Dianne Aitken.

    Intermediate and advanced flutists learn and perform a variety of small group and larger flute choir repertoire. This course is a great way to improve reading, breathing, intonation, style, and ensemble playing.

    RCS Flute Ensemble performs two concerts per year in December 15 and April 26.

    Prerequisite: Minimum RCM level three required. Advanced players are welcome.
  • Fusio Jam Session

    Explore rock, jazz, blues, and singer-songwriter classics.

    Bill Parsons teaches ensemble playing, improvisation, and the art of groove. Fusing the musical personalities of the players Bill leads each ensemble into the realm of the unknown in search of the creative magic for each piece of music.

    Integrating creativity and musicianship, Fusio bands interpret a diverse repertoire including rock, jazz, blues, and singer-songwriter classics, from J.J.Cale, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams and Tom Waits, to Django Reinhardt, George Gershwin, Bill Frisell, Willie Dixon, Thelonius Monk, and Miles Davis.

    Participants learn how to play more effectively and expressively as they explore their role in an ensemble. Using staff & tab notation, chord charts, lead sheets, and lyrics, students focus on 'groove', balance, accuracy, and listening, as well as melodic and harmonic expression. Listen, react, interplay, and explore.

    Classes take place Sunday afternoon or Monday evening as scheduled by instructor in consultation with registered students.

    All instruments welcome, including voice, electric and acoustic guitars, piano (or keyboards), bass guitar, drums, percussion, saxophones, trumpet, strings, banjo, and accordion.

  • Guitar Group

    Learn to play guitar in a band!

    Led by musician and composer Bill Parsons, Guitar Group introduces beginners to the basics of guitar playing through the fretboard geography of scales and chords found in the songs covered in class. 

    Using the book, From Scratch, students learn how to play guitar in a band as they develop rhythmic creativity through interpretation, improvisation, and interplay.

    Guitar Group is designed to help students develop playing skills so they can join a more advanced guitar group (bass guitars and/or electric guitars) or Fusio Jam Session (various instruments including bass guitar and electric guitar).
  • Guitar Ensemble (Classical)

    Classical Guitar for Intermediate and Advanced-level Guitarists.

    RCS Guitar Ensemble is directed by guitarist, composer, and RCS faculty member Raffi Altounian.

    Intermediate and advanced guitarist learn and perform a varied and eclectic repertoire. This classical guitar group is a great way to improve reading, ensemble playing, and improvisational skills.

    RCS Guitar Ensemble meets weekly and performs in concert twice per year.

    Prerequisite: Minimum grade three level required and advanced players are welcome.
  • Jazz Combo

    Calling all intermediate and advanced jazz enthusiasts!

    Whether you're a guitarist, bass player, pianist, saxophonist, clarinetist, brass player, or percussionist, Juno Award-nominee Michael Occhipinti wants you for his ensemble! Develop your musicianship by performing an eclectic repertoire drawn from the rich history of jazz.

    Time signatures, rhythm, and chord and scale theory are discussed in relation to each piece the group studies, but the bulk of class time is devoted to improvisation.

    Prerequisites: The ability to play scales in multiple keys (e.g. C Major, E flat Major, A Major, and B flat Major) and to read through lead sheets (e.g. a jazz tune like Blue Monk out of a Fake Book). Piano players should be able to voice chords with notation (e.g. knowing that a C Major 7 chord contains the notes C,E,G, B without those four notes notated), and guitarists should be able to play movable chord shapes for common jazz chords such as Dmin7, G7, CMaj7, Amin7b5. Students need not be experienced improvisers. This course aims to develop the instinct within the performer. Ensembles are put together depending on experience, age, and interests.

    Students will have an interview with the instructor either by phone, email, or in person to determine placement. Wednesday evening or Saturday afternoon as scheduled by instructor in consultation with registered students.
  • Latin Jazz

    Connect with the joyful and challenging rhythms of a variety of Latin jazz styles hands-on in a rewarding, group-focused environment!

    Led by Ruben Vazquez, this class offers a comprehensive exploration of everything from cha-cha, salsa, and bolero to Afro-Cuban and Brazilian jazz, putting students' improvisational skills to the test. The lively tempos and romantic pacing are complemented by a study of the basic vocabulary of jazz theory, harmony, melody, rhythm, and notation. Each class begins with group work on pieces rehearsed in the previous session, then each instrument has the opportunity to perform a solo while the rest of the class provides a solid melodic base via comping. At the end of the semester, students perform in a public concert, showcasing the pieces and new skills they have learned.

    Prerequisite: Some experience and understanding of jazz and Latin jazz. Students must be able to read music to a minimum of RCM Level 5. Percussion players must understand and be able to perform Latin jazz rhythms. Having the capacity or the skill to improvise would be helpful, but is not required. This class is open to piano, bass guitar, percussion, brass, and saxophone players. Other instruments may be permitted; please contact the instructor.
Enjoy making music with others!

NOTE: Students enrolled in Brass, Jazz, Guitar Group, and Fusio Jam will be scheduled by the instructor. 
Course Name Term Day Time Dates Instructor Tuition  
Brass Ensemble Fall Sat TBC Sep 7-Dec 14, 2019 Stanley Rosenzweig $470 REGISTER
Jazz Combo Fall Sat TBC Sep 7-Dec 14, 2019 Michael Occhipinti $575 REGISTER

Tamarack'er Down:
Celtic-Canadian Orchestra

Fall Sun 1:00pm Sep 8-Dec 15, 2019 Anne Lederman $355 REGISTER
Guitar Group Fall Sun TBC Sep 8-Dec 15, 2019 Bill Parsons $360 REGISTER
Fusio Jam Session Fall Sun TBC Sep 8-Dec 15, 2019 Bill Parsons $360 REGISTER
Guitar Ensemble Fall Sun 1:00pm Sep 8-Dec 15, 2019 Raffi Altounian $355 REGISTER
Latin Jazz Combo Fall Wed 8:00pm Sep 11-Dec 11, 2019 Ruben Vazquez $355 REGISTER
Flute Ensemble Fall Thu 7:30pm Sep 12-Dec 12, 2019 Dianne Aitken $260 REGISTER
Brass Ensemble Winter Tue/Sun TBC Jan 11-May 11, 2020 Stanley Rosenzweig $470 REGISTER
Jazz Combo Winter Wed TBC Jan 11-May 2, 2020 Michael Occhipinti $575 REGISTER

Tamarack'er Down:
Celtic-Canadian Orchestra

Winter Sun 1:00pm Jan 12-May 3, 2020 Anne Lederman $355 REGISTER
Guitar Group Winter Sun TBC Jan 12-May 3, 2020 Bill Parsons $360 REGISTER
Fusio Jam Session Winter Mon TBC Jan 12-May 3, 2020 Bill Parsons $360 REGISTER
Guitar Ensemble Winter Sun 1:00pm Jan 12-Apr 19, 2020 Raffi Altounian $355 REGISTER
Latin Jazz Combo Winter Wed 8:00pm Jan 15-Apr 22, 2020 Ruben Vazquez $355 REGISTER
Flute Ensemble Winter Thu 7:30pm Jan 16-Apr 23, 2020 Dianne Aitken $260 REGISTER