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Esprit Orchestra presents Violinissimo II

Esprit Orchestra presents Violinissimo II
Esprit Orchestra presents Violinissimo II photo
March 28, 2024 | 8:00 PM
  • Starting at: $25.00
  • Venue: Koerner Hall
  • Genre: New Music, Orchestra, String
  • Presenter: Esprit Orchestra
Aaron Schwebel returns to our stage to perform the entire The Four Seasons Recomposed by Richter whose re-writing of Vivaldi’s work moves it away from being the omnipresent piece of muzak that it has become. In contrast, Ligeti’s violin concerto, creating unexpected new sounds combined in novel ways, even uses mistuned string instruments, ocarinas and slide whistles to suggest Hungarian folksong. Shimmering harmonies, slow-moving, soaring melodies and rhythmic complexities and the “mad virtuosity” of the soloist’s role all contribute to the high level of excitement in this piece. Forming a bridge between the “baroque” harpsichord material in the Richter and the modern nature of Ligeti’s work, a solo harpsichord piece by Ligeti appears as a musical amuse-bouche.

Alex Pauk, Conductor
Aaron Schwebel, Violin
Wesley Shen, Harpsichord
Mark Fewer, Violin
Max Richter (United Kingdom): The Four Seasons Recomposed (2012)                                                         
I. Spring
II. Summer
III. Autumn
IV. Winter
György Ligeti (Hungary): Continuum (1968), for solo harpsichord     
György Ligeti (Hungary): Concerto for Violin & Orchestra (1990-92)
I. Vivace luminoso
II. Aria, Hoquetus, Chorale, Andante
III. Intermezzo. Presto
IV. Passacaglia. Lento intenso
V. Appassionato. Agitato molto

7:15PM Pre-concert talk with Alexina Louie