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Mandle Philharmonic presents:

Mandle Philharmonic presents: Beethoven and Tchaikovsky: A Holiday Triumph
Mandle Philharmonic
December 05, 2021 | 2:30 PM
  • Starting at: $20.00
  • Venue: Koerner Hall
  • Presenter: Mandle Philharmonic
As life returns to normal, Mandle Philharmonic's "A Holiday Triumph" recognizes the triumph of the human spirit over a nearly two year long pandemic. Join us in this joyous celebration of a return to normalcy. The concert, conducted by Mandle Cheung, starts with "Greensleeves," a holiday classic. This is followed by Beethoven's exciting Fifth Symphony, often described as a victory anthem, with its explosive ending in C major. Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 5 and its exposition of the idea of "ultimate victory over strife" continues the evening’s theme. Starting on a sombre note, it culminates in a triumphant finale.

Mandle Philharmonic is the initiative of Mandle Cheung, a tech entrepreneur who took up the baton at the age of 70. The self-taught conductor, leading an orchestra of world-class musicians, has created an upstart ensemble that forges a new space in classical music, with a mission of bringing it to a wider audience.