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How to Schedule Your Remote Exam

How to Schedule Your Remote Exam
Please follow the steps exactly as indicated below to schedule your remote exam. You will be able to do this on the following timetable:
  • March/April 2020 (Canada) candidates: May 1 (except Level 9 and above)
  • May 2020 (US) candidates: May 5 (except Level 9 and above)
  • June 2020 (Canada) candidates: May 15 (except Level 9 and above)
  • Level 9 to Licentiate candidates (US and Canada): June 1
Step 1: Login to your account on

Step 1 Screenshot


Step 2: Click on "My Exams and Results – reschedule here"

Step 2 Screenshot


Step 3: Click on "Select Family Member" and choose the student that you want to schedule

Step 3 Screenshot


Step 4: Find your exam under "Upcoming Exams"

Step 4 Screenshot

Step 5: Click on the “Reschedule” button.

Step 5 screen shot

Step 6: Confirm your timezone.  It should default to whatever time zone you are in.  If it does not, please change it to the one that corresponds to your location.

Step 6 Screenshot






Step 7: Enter up to 3 different dates and start times.  Choose carefully - you cannot change your dates once you click the CONFIRM button!  IMPORTANT things to note:


  1. The earliest date you will be able to choose will be 14 days from today.
  2. The times you see will be the exact start time for your exam. If you are scheduling two or more students, please choose completely different start times, at least one hour apart. 
  3. We are currently unable to change exam times once they are submitted. If you are unsure, please check your calendar before clicking "CONFIRM".
Step 7 Screenshot





Step 8: Once you've clicked "CONFIRM" - you’re done! We will send you an email within 10 days when your exam date and time is confirmed. Our customer service team will not have any further information regarding your selected or confirmed dates. Please allow for the 10-day notification period.