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Learning Music in the Classroom Has Never Been More Fun!

Our mission is to provide generalist teachers with easy-to-deploy tools they can use to include music in their practice! With YouthBeat, your students will go from listening music to creating music!

For more information or to arrange a virtual classroom visit with the YouthBeat app developers, please contact us.  

"It was like I had a different class after they'd done YouthBeat." - Grade 6 teacher, Alberta

"I like how we can learn math in the beats of the music." - Grade 6 student, Calgary


YouthBeat Supports Classroom Teachers

We demystify music so students can make informed choices as they create!  It's easy to use - no prior musical knowledge or training required. It's free and accessible - no student logins required.

Writing music = Easy Experimentation + Listening + Choosing  


Teachers: Learn More about YouthBeat Here

Ready to Get Started?

Download this Teacher Resource Guide (optimized for Grades 4 to 8):
Teacher Resource Guide
Keep this guide handy - it reviews the key features of the YouthBeat app:
YouthBeat Basics

Start Now!

Start YouthBeat Classroom Activities Here Use YouthBeat Here

YouthBeat can also be done at home with these activities optimized for students in Grades 4 – 8! 

Explore the DNA of music and their inner and outer worlds in these fun-filled episodes!