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Bohemia, Bombay, Bloomington

Bohemia, Bombay, Bloomington

The Musical Exile of Walter Kaufmann 

Renowned conductor James Conlon; Robert Elias, Director of the Ziering-Conlon Initiative for Recovered Voices at the Colburn School; and Simon Wynberg, Artistic Director of the Royal Conservatory of Music’s ARC Ensemble are all committed to the exploration and recovery of the music that was marginalized and forgotten in the wake of National Socialism and World War II. Watch this special conversation, which was part of a live event on Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

The ARC Ensemble’s recent release of the first-ever recording devoted to the extraordinary chamber music of the Czech / American composer Walter Kaufmann (1907 – 1984) opens the door to a discussion of the twentieth century's lost repertoire and the journey to its reclamation. This live event included performances by the Grammy-nominated ARC Ensemble and students of the Colburn School. 

Additionally,Wynberg had the opportunity to talk about ARC’s work as well as Kaufmann’s repertoire and life in a recent podcast.