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How to Teach Music Online

How to Teach Music Online - Webinar Series

Join us for a brand-new webinar series created just for you! In these sessions, industry experts will share information about best practices, strategies and resources to help you transition to online music teaching. As an industry leader in the development of online music learning, we want to help make your online teaching experience as rewarding and effective as possible. Each webinar will tackle a different challenge, providing solutions and guidance on how to make every online lesson with your student a success! This series was recorded between May 5 and July 16, 2020. Any mentions of dates were directed to examinations taking place during the Spring 2020 session. For dates for the August exam session, please click here.

Webinar Hosts:



John Scully
Online Education Specialist


Carey Worrod
Manager, Educational Development and Initiatives

Series 1: Recorded between May 5-21, 2020

Series 2: Recorded between June 2-18, 2020

Series 3: Recorded between June 30 to July 16, 2020

Resources for Teaching Music Online