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Teaching Online Course

Teaching Online Course

Expand your knowledge of teaching online using the most effective strategies and tactics to connect with your students.

The Teaching Online Course features experts in music education who guide participants though best practices, strategies, and resources to teach online effectively. The course is split into six modules and takes approximately 16-18 hours to complete. You can complete the course at your own pace and have access to the course content, forums, and resources for a full year from the time of registration. It is designed to be highly collaborative. For $99, participants will gain practical experience teaching online to confidently work with students in a remote setting.

Teaching Online Course Modules:

  1. Preparing your teaching practice for online music lessons
  2. Adapting your in-person teaching practice to online
  3. Online community and class management
  4. Successful online communication with students and parents
  5. Online teaching with different learners
  6. Assessment for online teaching

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See what others are saying about the course:

What I appreciated most about online teaching is how we have all reevaluated the effectiveness of our teaching and become more creative, which ultimately benefits our learners in the end. I do believe that online learning is here to stay in the long run.
Samantha C
I really benefitted from the discussion board and sharing ideas with other teachers. Seeing how other people have adapted their studios motivated me to find solutions for challenges I have been facing for months. Knowing that others have had similar challenges is both comforting and encouraging that there are solutions.
Teaching Online Course Participant
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