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Summer Summit 2019 Elementary Piano Pedagogy Intensive

Elementary Piano Pedagogy Intensive
The Elementary Piano Pedagogy Intensive is an offering, designed to support new teachers and to provide a fast-paced path for Elementary level certification. The Intensive includes participation in the Summer Summit, an additional day of pedagogy seminars and individual coaching, and fast-tracked participation in the online Elementary Piano Teacher Course, resulting in approximately 40 hours of combined online and in-person learning activities.

Dates: August 10 – August 12, 2019

Location: The Royal Conservatory, Toronto; Online

The Intensive is structured as follows:

[1]: Pre-Summit Online Preparation:  July 15 – August 9

  • Introduction to the Elementary Piano Pedagogy Intensive program and Online Piano Teacher Course through an introductory module.
  • Guided selection of “Teaching Repertoire Sample” in preparation for individual coaching on August 12

[2]: Participation in Summer Summit: Saturday, August 10 and Sunday, August 11

  • Sessions include workshops, lectures, master class and concert
  • Includes sessions designed for Elementary level teachers
  • Provides opportunity for interaction with new and experienced teachers, examiners, and RCM staff

[3]: Participation in Elementary Piano Pedagogy Seminar: Monday August 12

  • Pedagogy seminars led by Maria Case, Thomas Green and Janet Lopinski
  • Individual coaching sessions with RCM mentor examiners.

[4]: Completion of Online Piano Teacher Course:  July 15 – September 30

  • Modified Elementary Piano Teacher Course, with assignments tailored to this specific cohort. 
  • The standard 10-week course format will be altered to allow for faster completion, and to balance the live interaction provided during the in-person sessions at the RCM.

Upon successful completion of the Piano Pedagogy Intensive and Online Piano Teacher Course, candidates will be eligible to become RCM Certified Teachers (Elementary Specialists), pending validation of Training Credentials and Exam Candidate submission.