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Board of Directors - Performance Review 2021

Board of Directors - Performance Review 2021
The Board has committed to measuring results and the continuous improvement of its performance in accordance with good governance practices.  Please evaluate the Board’s performance from your perspective as a Director.
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1) This organization’s orientation for Board members adequately prepares them to fulfill their governance responsibilities.

2) This Board is actively involved in planning the strategic direction and priorities of the organization.

3) The Board has an appropriate process for evaluating the performance of the CEO – measuring against objectives.

4) Directors demonstrate clear understanding of the respective roles of the Board and the CEO.

5) The organization’s resources are used effectively – doing the right things right.

6) The Board has high credibility with key stakeholders – staff, funders, educators, students, and community.

7) Directors demonstrate commitment to the organization’s mission and values.

8) Directors conduct themselves in accordance with key elements of the governance structure – by-laws, policies, and code of conduct.

9) The Board’s capacity to govern is not impaired by conflicts between directors.

10) There is a productive working relationship between the Board and the CEO – characterized by good communication and mutual respect.

11) I am confident that this Board would effectively manage any organizational crisis that could be reasonably anticipated.

12) Board meetings are well managed.

13) The Board has a written plan with clear strategic goals that is used to monitor and evaluate the organization’s direction.

14) The Board uses sound decision-making processes – focus on Board responsibilities, factual information, and efficient use of time.

15) The Board makes sure adequate resources are available to undertake the work of the organization.

16) The Board holds itself accountable for seeing that the work of the organization is carried out.

17) I would rate the overall performance of the Board as very positive.