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Individual Board Director Self-Evaluation

Individual Board Director Self-Evaluation
Please complete the following survey and feel free to add your comments on the second page.  We are seeking your feedback to help us to continuously improve Board and Director performance.
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Are you satisfied that you:
1) Understand the organization’s mission?

2) Have a good working relationship with the Board?

3) Are sufficiently knowledgeable about the organization’s programs?

4) Follow arts education news in the community and nationally?

5) Support and participate in fundraising?

6) Participate in the Annual Board Appeal?

7) Read and understand the organization’s financial statements?

8) Read and understand the organization’s policies?

9) Focus your attention on long-term and significant policy issues and strategy rather than short-term administrative matters?

10) Consider recommending qualified individuals with relevant skills and experience as possible nominees for the Board? (It is not necessary that you brought forward any potential nominations).

11) Prepare for and participate at Board and committee meetings, as well as other activities of the organization?

12) Willingly volunteer and use your special skills to further the organization’s mission?

13) Take advantage of opportunities to enhance the organization’s public image by drawing attention to the work of the organization?

14) Ensure that any communication with staff below the CEO does not undermine the relationship between the CEO and staff?

15) Are heard and considered when you give your opinions?

16) Find serving on the Board to be a satisfying and rewarding experience?