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Remote Examining Self-Evaluation Form

The Royal Conservatory College of Examiners
Professional Development

Remote Examining Self-Evaluation Form

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Part 1 - Examining Skills

Examinations Reviewed

After reviewing your Zoom exam videos, please evaluate your own examining skills by offering a YES or NO response and brief additional comments as appropriate:

Part 1 - Examining Skills

The examiner was punctual and appeared comfortable and at ease within the Zoom environment.

The examiner introduced themself by name at the start of the exam.

The examiner greeted the student by name at the start of the exam.

The examiner took time to establish a rapport and to help the student feel comfortable at the start of the exam.

The examiner conducted a brief sound check before beginning the exam.

The examiner followed remote examination procedures as outlined in the Remote Examining Resources booklet.

The examiner offered clear instructions to assist the student in making any necessary camera adjustments.

The examiner’s workspace was professional and free of distractions.

The examiner conducted the examinations within the time blocks allotted.

The examiner was efficient in organizing and utilizing the examination materials.

The examiner gave clear instructions that were easy to follow.

The examiner followed established procedures in conducting Technical Tests.

The examiner followed established procedures in conducting Ear Tests.

The examiner followed established procedures in conducting Sight Reading.

The examiner was effective in special situations (i.e. special needs, adults, or any other unusual situations).

The examiner showed respect and courtesy for the students throughout the examination process.

Part 2 - Report Writing Skills

Part 2 - Report Writing Skills

The reports are written in well-crafted prose, free of grammatical or spelling errors and typos.

The language is clear and easy to understand.

The comments are level appropriate.

The written comments for repertoire and etudes fall within the established guidelines for length and structure.

Reports include an appropriate balance of praise and criticism.

Reports include both general and specific comments, with references to musical details as appropriate.

Reports do not include references to technical issues related to the Wifi connection or Zoom platform.

Reports avoid direct comments related to the absence of dynamic contrast or tonal variety.

The reports are positive and encouraging, celebrating the students’ achievements.