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Rebanks Family Fellowship Program

Rebanks Fellows 2023-24
The Rebanks Family Fellowship and International Performance Residency Program

The Rebanks Family Fellowship and International Performance Residency Program at The Royal Conservatory’s Glenn Gould School is the only one of its kind in Canada, offering a rich curriculum for career development. Alumni of the program grace the world’s great stages, including Carnegie Hall, Wigmore Hall and Koerner Hall, perform with major orchestras in Canada and abroad, and are members of leading chamber ensembles such as The ARC Ensemble and The Rolston Quartet.

Since 2013, The Rebanks Family Fellowship Program has launched the successful professional careers of many extraordinary young artists who have completed their formal training. The program includes private study with exceptional faculty and guest artists, performance opportunities, career coaching, and marketing training.

In addition, each Rebanks Fellow participates in a funded international residency, providing performance opportunities, and artistic training with the goal of strategically expanding their professional outlook and network.

The Royal Conservatory is grateful to the Rebanks Family and the Weston Family Foundation who have been invaluable supporters of this innovative program.

Rebanks Family

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The Rebanks Family Fellowship Program is offered in piano, voice and orchestral instruments.  Learn more →

The 2023-24 Rebanks Fellows are: Elena Howard-Scott, soprano; Noa Sarid, violin; Christian Masucci Facchini, countertenor; Julia Mirzoev, violin; Jamal Al Titi, baritone; Tobias Elser, violin.

If you have any questions about this program or about your application, please do not hesitate to contact the Manager, Rebanks Family Fellowship Program.

Read more about the Fellows here.

Tuition Free:

The Rebanks Family Fellowship and International Performance Residency Program is fully funded - there are no tuition or ancillary fees charged. In addition, each Rebanks Fellow receives a living stipend of $7,000.

Faculty Lessons and Coaching Sessions:

Each Rebanks Fellow will have the opportunity to take regular lessons with celebrated faculty from The Glenn Gould School, who will mentor them and provide focused coaching twice per month.

Career Coaching and Artist Networking Sessions:

Rebanks Fellows regularly work with visiting performers to Koerner Hall; past examples include cellist Yo Yo Ma and pianists Emmanual Ax and Sir András Schiff. Drawing on its wide network, The Glenn Gould School connects Rebanks Fellows with inspiring career coaches and mentors in Canada and abroad.

Performance Opportunities:

Performance is at the core of this program. Each Rebanks Fellow will be presented in recital and in important chamber music performances throughout the year at both The Royal Conservatory and with our many presenting partners.

Orchestral musicians will be invited to take leadership roles in the Royal Conservatory Orchestra, working with such conductors as Peter Oundjian, JoAnn Falletta, Tania Miller, and Johannes Debus.

Rebanks Fellows will be involved in the numerous performance opportunities of The Glenn Gould School, including the New Music Ensemble and master classes with internationally acclaimed visiting artists.

International Performance Residency:

An important component of The Rebanks Family Fellowship is a funded European performance residency. This residency provides each Rebanks Fellow with the opportunity to experience the highest standard of international music training and performance specific to their own development, and strategically expand their professional outlook and network. It will expose them to different approaches and artistic values and provide for engagement personally and professionally with an elite international peer group.

With guidance from the Office of the Associate Dean, Rebanks Fellows identify summer programs of interest and upon successful acceptance the Program will fund up to $6,000 in program related costs including tuition and travel expenses.

Criteria for Fellowship

Rebanks Fellows are selected based on several criteria. They will be self-starters with exceptional talent, commitment, and a passion for a career in performance; demonstrate leadership skills; and display a strong desire to share and connect with others. A mix of Canadian and international students will be selected. Fellowships will be awarded for a one-year term.

Applicants must have achieved a four-year undergraduate degree or performance diploma plus a master's degree or artist diploma, or possess commensurate performance experience. Pianists and orchestral instrument applicants must be age 28 or younger as of September 1, 2024. Vocal applicants must be age 30 or younger as of September 1, 2024.


Tuition and Financial Assistance

Tuition is fully funded, and each Fellow receives a $7,000 living stipend.


Application and Auditions

Applications for the 2024-25 academic year are now closed. Please contact [email protected] with any inquiries regarding the next application cycle.    

Applicants are required to submit/upload:  

  • a video recording of 30 - 45 minutes for pre-screening  
  • post-secondary transcripts  
  • a musical c.v.  
  • a one-page statement of intent  
  • two letters of reference attesting to your artistry  
  • $150 application fee  

Successful pre-screened applicants will be contacted to arrange a live audition in the spring.  

**Applicants may only apply for one program per admissions cycle.   

Applicants wishing to be considered for The Rebanks Family Fellowship Program should not also make an application for the Artist Diploma Program.   

Likewise, applicants wishing to be considered for the Artist Diploma Program should not also make an application for The Rebanks Family Fellowship Program.** 

Alumni of the Rebanks Family Fellowship Program

2023-24 Rebanks

2023-24 Rebanks Fellows 

Christian Masucci Facchini, countertenor; Julia Mirzoev, violin; Jamal Al Titi, baritone; Noa Sarid, violin; Tobias Elser, violin; Elena Howard-Scott, soprano.

Rebanks 2022-23

2022-23 Rebanks Fellows

Caleb Georges, viola; Tim Beattie, guitar; Hannah Crawford, soprano; Aaron Chan, violin; Daniel Hamin Go, cello; Jonelle Sills, soprano.

Rebanks 2021-22

2021-22 Rebanks Fellows

Joanne Choi, cello; Camila Montefusco, mezzo-soprano; Jaclyn Grossman, soprano; Peter Eom, cello; Jean-Luc Therrien, piano; Hope Wilk, harp; Bruno Tobon, cello 

Rebanks 2020-21

2020-21 Rebanks Fellows

Korin Thomas-Smith, bass-baritone; Jessy Je Young Kim, violin; Michael Bridge, accordion; Hezekiah Leung, viola; River Guard, tenor

Rebanks Fellows 2019-2020

2019-20 Rebanks Fellows

Rosie Gallagher, flute; Jillian Bonner, mezzo-soprano; Byungchan Lee, violin; Sydney Baedke, soprano; Ryan Davis, viola​

2018-19 Rebanks Fellows

2018-19 Rebanks Fellows

Georgia Burashko, mezzo soprano; Katya Poplyansky, violin; Kevin Ahfat, piano; Nofar Yacobi, soprano; Daniel Koo, violin; Nikki Joshi, percussion; Richard Narroway, cello (Lecturer of Cello, Melbourne Conservatorium)

2017-18 Rebanks Fellows

2017-18 Rebanks Fellows

Adam Harris, baritone; Sonia Bize, harp; Emily Kruspe, violin; Maeve Palmer, soprano; Brad Cherwin, clarinet; Katy Clark, soprano

2016-17 Rebanks Fellows

2016-17 Rebanks Fellows

Geoffrey Conquer, piano; Elizabeth Polese, soprano; Adanya Dunn, piano; Bradley Christensen, baritone; Joanne Wu, flute; Ellen McAteer, Soprano; Jennifer Murphy, violin

2015-16 Rebanks Fellows

2015-16 Rebanks Fellows

Rebecca Anderson, violin; Raoul Cho, flute; Beste Kalender, mezzo-soprano; Lingyi Kong, violin; Anne-Marie MacIntosh, soprano; Alexander Seredenko, piano

2014-15 Rebanks Fellows

2014-15 Rebanks Fellows

Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula, piano; Mikhailo Babiak, horn; Beth Hagerman, soprano; Darren Hicks, bassoon; Cordelia Paw, violin

2013-14 Rebanks Fellows

 2013-14 Rebanks Fellows

Matthew Berliner, horn; Stefan Chaplikov, piano; Mehdi Ghazi, piano; Luri Lee, violin (Rolston Quartet, 2016 BISQC winner); Jonathan Lo, cello (Rolston Quartet, 2016 BISQC winner); Alessandro Rauli, oboe; Britton Riley, cello (member, National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center)


Please note, student performances run from October until April each academic year.

Previous Rebanks Family Fellowship Performances