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The Royal Conservatory

To read our Integrated Accessibility Standards Policy, please click here.

Note: Our Accessibility Plan is being reviewed and updated and will be posted shortly.

TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning

For details about accessibility at the TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning, please visit:

Accessibility for The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program

The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program is committed to providing examinations and supporting resources that are inclusive and accessible to people of all abilities. The RCM Certificate Program addresses accessibility and accommodation requests supported by documentation, as needed, in order to provide an equitable examination experience for each candidate. All candidates are evaluated according to the same standard.
Candidates may request accommodation for any RCM Certificate Program examination.

Accessible Formats and Communication Supports

Upon request, the RCM Certificate Program will arrange for or provide the examination candidate with accessible formats and communication supports. The RCM Certificate Program will consult with the person making the request (contact person) to determine the suitability of the accessible format or communication support.

Accessible Locations

While the RCM Certificate Program is committed to ensuring that examination centers are  accessible, there may be some locations that do not meet this requirement. Please complete an Accommodation Request Form if the examination candidate requires an accessible examination center. For example, an accessible examination center will:

  • have a ramp and/or elevator to accommodate a candidate using a mobility device (such as a wheelchair, a walker, or crutches)
  • incorporate Braille or visual alerts to accommodate a candidate who needs wayfinding signage or guidance.

Accessibility Accommodations and the Examination Application Process

  • Register for the examination. Plan on submitting the Accommodation Request Form by the examination application deadline, to allow sufficient time for review and processing.
  • Download the Accommodation Request Form here.
  • Complete all required information on the Accommodation Request Form.
  • Submit the Accommodation Request Form and supporting documentation, where appropriate, to Candidate Services: [email protected] (Canada) or [email protected] (USA)
  • The RCM Certificate Program, in consultation with the examination candidate will review and process the request. All information will remain confidential.
  • When the form and supporting documentation have been reviewed and an individualized assessment has been completed, Candidate Services will communicate with the contact person listed on the form.

Please submit the Accommodation Request Form by the examination application deadline, to allow sufficient time for review and processing. The Accommodation Request Form may be completed by the candidate, a family member, or the teacher, with permission of the candidate and/or family. A separate Accommodation Request Form must be submitted with each examination registration requiring accommodation.

For questions about accessibility for the RCM Certificate Program, more information about your accommodation needs, or if you would like to offer feedback, please contact us at:

Canada United States
[email protected] [email protected]
1.800.461.6058 1.866.716.2223