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Theory Exam Overview

Below is an overview of how Theory exams will be taking place.   


Theory 5-8 Examinations are available:


History Examinations are available:


Harmony Examinations are available:

Piano Pedagogy - Written

Piano Pedagogy - Written Examinations are available:

Speech Arts

Speech Arts Examinations are available:

* Note that those candidates who wish to be considered for 2022 academic credit, for Gold Medal consideration or for graduation must complete their exams no later than June 30, 2023.

** For Theory Levels 5 - 8 and History 9 - ARCT, in-person proctoring will be replaced during this period by online monitoring. Credits and certificates will be awarded following the normal procedures. If parents and students would still like to submit a proctor form, they can do so however this is optional and not a requirement for receiving credits and certificates.