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Royal Conservatory Examinations
Royal Conservatory examinations provide a national standard for students, parents and teachers to track and measure progress and achievements. Preparing for and successfully completing an examination builds self-confidence and helps students develop a sense of pride.
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Create an Account Or Log In To MyRCM

MyRCM is where you can register for exams, see your marks, and manage your digital downloads and courses

Examination Dates

Dates and deadlines for both practical and theory examinations, as well as details regarding theory examination timing.

Remote Exams

Learn more about how the RCM Certificate Program is now conducting exams remotely in addition to in-person

Guide to Examinations

Get more information about RCM Certificate Program requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, our answers

Online Learning Resources and Support

Tips and resources on technology and materials available for online learning 

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Why Take An Exam?

There are important benefits to beginning exams. Students progressively grow their musical abilities from year to year. Level by level, children expand their abilities in performance, technical patterns, and musicianship, all beginning at the Elementary levels.

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Plan Your Exam

Preparing for a Royal Conservatory examination provides students with an established goal to work towards. Explore the process and discover resources and tips to help you or your child prepare for exam day. 

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Academic Policies and Resources

View our academic policies, requirements, and resources and view other information such as National Standings.

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Forms and Services

Find special needs requests, program forms, graduation forms, and other forms and services here. 

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College of Examiners

Explore the College of Examiners, including examiner biographies (still under construction), and how to become an examiner. 

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Recognizing Achievement

An integral component of the RCM Certificate Program is to recognize the milestone of completing an exam!  Learn more about how we celebrate achievement with certificates, high school credits, and awards, as well as our annual Convocation and Celebration of Excellence ceremonies.

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Jun. 2, 2020
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For the first time in 134 years, 20,000 students across North America will be taking their Royal Conservatory of Music Practical Exams online.
Jun. 1, 2020
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Catch up with violist Ryan Davis in a Q&A illuminating his personal experience as a Rebanks Fellow.
May. 14, 2020
A Message from Dr. Peter Simon
Dr. Peter Simon, President & CEO of The Royal Conservatory of Music, talks about this historic day for The RCM and wishes students the best of luck on their Remote Exams.
May. 7, 2020
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