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A comprehensive system of music study and assessment from elementary to advanced levels.

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Whether you are looking for piano lessons for your child, voice lessons for your aunt, or music theory lessons for yourself, we are here to help you find the right teacher to guide your journey.

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In-person or digital? The choice is yours. Every course with The Royal Conservatory is designed to develop your potential. Experience our uncompromising commitment to building the great minds of tomorrow.

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With hundreds of teaching materials developed by the RCM such as books and digital courses and apps, we provide both teachers and students with the highest-quality building blocks needed for success.

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Congratulations - you are ready for the next step in your journey and earn recognition for your achievements! Our objective examinations encourage goal-setting and promote well-rounded musical training.

Ardie Burnham - Alumna Brings Literacy to Life for B.C. Kids

Youth services librarian knows how to engage young people.

Conservatory Training Helps Brothers Succeed in Medicine

Dr. Robert Hegele and Dr. Richard Hegele describe how their Conservatory music training contributed to their subsequent success in medicine

RCM Science - Music and Harmony and Marbles

Making and listening to music together is commonly seen as linked to higher levels of trust, affiliation, coordination, and cooperation.