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Why Support The Royal Conservatory

Why Support The Royal Conservatory
Young girl sitting by a piano

We believe that music and the arts possess an astonishing power to change lives, transform futures, and build highly functioning societies. Established in 1886, The Royal Conservatory is one of the largest and most respected music and arts institutions in the world and our mission is to develop human potential

We have translated the neuroscience on the impact of music study into inspiring programs benefitting millions of individuals around the world.

The RCM Certificate Program is recognized globally as the gold standard in music education and is used by 500,000 students every year across North America and the world.  The program consists of a sequenced and comprehensive curriculum encompassing both the playing of music as well as the technical skills required for lifelong music learning.  Combined with assessments conducted by the Royal Conservatory College of Examiners, the program has developed a lifelong love of music for its 5,000,000 alumni including Oscar Peterson, Sarah McLachlan, David Foster, Diana Krall, Angela Hewitt, and many more from all walks of life.  

The Royal Conservatory also supports the professional development of 30,000 private and mainly self-employed music educators who teach our program and who are valued partners in our mission to ensure a future for music and the arts.

In addition to private music education, public education programs by The Royal Conservatory's Learning Through The Arts have helped to address key social impact issues such as academic achievement, by teaching math topics and other public-school content through music and the arts.

The Royal Conservatory is also an internationally recognized centre for performance-based training.  Building on our rich history of nurturing great musicians such as Glenn Gould and Teresa Stratas, The Royal Conservatory continues to be dedicated to developing the potential of today’s gifted young performers and providing them with the skills necessary to triumph on the world stage. The success of programs at The Glenn Gould School and The Phil and Eli Taylor Performance Academy for Young Artists is based on a highly personalized approach to teaching and learning that not only produces exceptional graduates, but extraordinary artists.

Koerner Hall, located at The Royal Conservatory, was completed in 2009 to the highest specifications, so that artists could realize their full potential on the stage. It is considered as one of the world’s finest acoustic concert halls and not only features internationally renowned artists but is also a training ground for the students at our schools, as well as home to nearly 80 not-for-profit arts organizations. 

Invest in The Royal Conservatory today and support our mission to develop human potential through music and the arts.

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