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Violin Series, 2021 Edition

Introducing the Violin Series, 2021 Edition
The RCM Effect — success, confidence, and achievement. With the new violin series your students will be inspired to work harder and aim higher. You'll get more out of them and they will see their accomplishments.
The series features:
  • Progressive leveling with a diverse and wide range of styles and eras
  • Duets included throughout the series
  • Performance and accompaniment recordings for each selection performed by renowned artists
  • Free access* to the Violin Online Community

Learn more about the Neuroscience of how music shapes our brain from The Royal Conservatory Research Centre.

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Mimi Zweig
This Royal Conservatory series have been an invaluable asset to my teaching and for my students…the many different styles are crucially important for the education for young people – that they [get to] experience with early [classical] pieces to contemporary pieces.
Mimi Zweig, Director of the Indiana University String Academy, Jacobs School of Music
James Ehnes
So many in my generation grew up with The RCM system. I remember waiting to see what pieces would be next in the books. This is a system of well-rounded training for any serious violinist. 
James Ehnes, International Concert Violinist and Artistic Director of Seattle Chamber Music Society

What is The RCM Certificate Program and why should I adopt The RCM violin curriculum?

What is The RCM Certificate Program?

The RCM Certificate Program provides a recognized national standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels. 

Why Should I adopt The RCM violin curriculum?

The Certificate Program inspires excellence through individual student examinations and allows students to celebrate accomplishment and track their progress with others across North America. It also supports teachers with high-quality and innovative resources all in one place so you can spend less time sourcing your material and focus on teaching and growing your studio.

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*Free access code included with the purchase of each Violin Series2021 Edition: Repertoire book