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Remote Theory Exams

Remote Theory Exams

Experience music study without boundarie​s

An online theory exam is an alternative format of the traditional in-person RCM examination. Online theory exams provide the same global standardized assessment as the in-person written examinations and offer students, parents and teachers the opportunity to track and measure progress as well as celebrate achievements within the RCM Certificate Program. The online theory exams and course materials are part of the RCM’s comprehensive suite of digital learning products. 
Online theory exams offer the added bonus of corresponding course material that can be used in conjunction with in-person theory lessons. Available for intermediate and advanced levels, these course materials provide students with the ability to continue their learning outside of their weekly lessons. Students can progress in their theory development at the pace they desire and complete the online theory exam whenever the student is ready. No need to wait for the next available theory exam session! All that’s needed is internet access. It’s that simple! 

Preparing for your theory exam

Level 5 – 8 Theory and History 9 – ARCT exams are available via our digital learning offerings. Other advanced theory exams will be offered as a written exam in a proctored Zoom “classroom”. Please review the overview below for more information on your exam including dates.


In preparation for your Theory Exam, and for further information on what to expect with an online theory exam and how to access your theory exam, please review the section below.    

Before Your Theory Exam