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Why Study Music?

Why Study Music?

Unlock your child’s potential

Music education can be an amazing tool for helping children develop. Engaging them creatively. Challenging them intellectually. Building strong relationships with other students and teachers. We believe you can bring out a children’s potential through music. Which is why we created a system of music education and resources for children and parents. Learn more about our research and the long-term value of music training:

Dr. Vincent Lam
The student of the violin needs to have regular practice habits, needs to be able to take critique, and needs to have a humanistic imagination. These are also crucial qualities for a writer and a doctor. I think it helped me to have developed these skills early in life as a student of the violin.
Dr. Vincent Lam, Doctor, award-winning novelist
Piya Chattopadhyay
People sometimes ask me what it is that makes me to be and sound confident as a broadcaster. I always harken back to my days growing up, learning Conservatory vocal, and standing in front of the examiner to pass each grade. No instrument is more personal than your own voice.
Piya Chattopadhyay, Journalist and Broadcaster

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