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Friends of the ARC Ensemble

Friends of the ARC Ensemble

ARC relies on generous financial contributions from donors to fulfill its mission to restore lost music to its rightful place amongst other 20th century works.

The process of finding music that has been suppressed for decades is both time-consuming and expensive. Through research in archives and libraries, and collaboration with musicologists and colleagues in the suppressed music field around the world, potential works are tracked down and assessed.

Since music is created to be heard, recording and performing recovered or suppressed works is a vital part of ARC’s mission. The ARC Ensemble shines a light on music that would have been lost forever, giving both musicians and audiences a rare and exciting opportunity for discovery.

Your support can ensure that our mission to unearth, perform and record previously suppressed music can safeguard our musical heritage for generations to come.

Support the ARC Ensemble

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors for their lifetime giving of $2,500 or more* to the ARC Ensemble:

The Asper Foundation
Naomi Azrieli & François Blanc
Marianne Beck
The Renette and David Berman Family Foundation
Nani & Austin Beutel
Rita & Sam Bresler
Leslie & Anna Dan
Margaret & Jim Fleck
Ron & Hedy Frisch
Senator Irving & Mrs. Gail Gerstein
Dr. David Goldbloom & Dr. Nancy Epstein
Michael Hirsh & Elaine Waisglass
The Kahanoff Foundation
Glorya Kaufman Dance Foundation
Kriss Family Fund
Laidlaw Foundation
Albert & Temmy Latner Foundation
The Joseph Lebovic Charitable Foundation
David Lyons
The Simon Minz Family Foundation
Florence Minz
Dr. Lorna Minz
Paul Minz
Miles S. Nadal & Family
Nancy Pencer
The Rose Family
Gerald Sheff & Shanitha Kachan Charitable Foundation
Dorothy Cohen Shoichet
Antonio Signoroni
Howard Sokolowski & Linda Frum
Swindon Investments Ltd.
The Lawrence & Judith Tanenbaum Family
The W. Garfield Weston Foundation
Morden S. Yolles
Anonymous (3)

*as of January 1, 2020

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