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14 Students and Alumni on CBC List of Top Young Classical Musicians

14 Students and Alumni on CBC List of Top Young Classical Musicians

Published on August 5, 2020

CBC has published the 2020 edition of its top 30 classical musicians under 30 years old and once again, RCM students and alumni are a fixture of the annual list.

The 14 artists connected to The Royal Conservatory include several pianists, string players, and singers, as well as a percussionist. They all share the experience of pursuing musical studies through the RCM Certificate Program – The Royal Conservatory's acclaimed system of private education and examinations – or the professional training programs of The Glenn Gould School, or The Phil and Eli Taylor Performance Academy for Young Artists.

Described by CBC as " amazing", these artists have graduated from top music schools, won competitions and awards, made exciting debuts, and have earned acclaim for performances around the world.

And as the network notes, even the COVID-19 pandemic is no match for these musicians in terms of talent and dedication.

Here are the members of the RCM community who made this year’s list:

Joel Allison
Joel Allison, bass-bartitone | RCM Certificate Program
(Photo: Taylor Long)
Ron Cohen Mann
Ron Cohen Mann, oboe | The Glenn Gould School
(Photo: Oboeron Photography)
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson, soprano | RCM Certificate Program
(Photo: Matt Johnson/Matte Black Photos)
Spencer Klymyshyn
Spencer Klymyshyn, piano | RCM Certificate Program
(Photo: Tam Lan Truong)
Bryn Lutek
Bryn Lutek, percussion | The Glenn Gould School
Duncan McDougall
Duncan McDougall, violin | Taylor Academy
(Photo: Stuart Lowe)
Ema Nikolovska
Ema Nikolovska, mezzo-soprano | Taylor Academy (also, violin | The Glenn Gould School)
(Photo: Kaupo Kikkas)
John Sellick
John Sellick, viola | The Glenn Gould School
Jonelle Sills
Jonelle Sills, soprano | The Glenn Gould School
(Photo: Jon F. De Leon)
Hillary Simms
Hillary Simms, trombone | The Glenn Gould School
(Photo: Zachary Haas)
Elizabeth Skinner
Elizabeth Skinner, violin | RCM Certificate Program
(Photo: Annie Éthier)
Jacob van der Sloot
Jacob van der Sloot, violin | RCM Certificate Program
(Photo: Jeiming Tang)
Jean-Luc Therrien
Jean-Luc Therrien, piano | The Glenn Gould School
(Photo: 5600 °K Productions)
Jessica Yuma
Jessica Yuma, piano | RCM Certificate Program
(Photo: Xiuli Yu)
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