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Alumni Give Thanks for Music Education

Alumni Give Thanks for Music Education

Published on October 9, 2015

Alumni Give Thanks for Music Education

Music has shaped my life from an early age. I think of my life as a series of increases in personal discipline.  It started with piano lessons.

Jeremiah Brown, Olympic medallist and Royal Conservatory alumnus (pictured)

Alumni of The Royal Conservatory have achieved success in a wide range of fields, from business, medicine, and politics to education, science, and sports. Many others have become internationally acclaimed musicians whose success has helped define Canada internationally. We share our favourite insights from alumni deeply grateful for their music education.

I’m so happy to have learned the piano through The Royal Conservatory. The Royal Conservatory and its community of teachers gave me the musical foundation on which to build my songwriting, and also allowed me to experience performing and learn what it takes to be prepared for a presentation of any kind.

Kathryn Calder, Award-winning rock musician (The New Pornographers)

Gordon Pinsent

I have no doubt that my early connection with the Royal Conservatory introduced a basis - a standard - from which I could measure all aspects of my artistic future; unearthing in me a sense of self that might not have been possible otherwise.

Gordon Pinsent, Award-winning actor

Some of my fondest childhood memories are based on my Saturday morning piano lessons at the Royal Conservatory, where I took lessons from a wonderful woman named Alexandra McGavin. Besides some of the basic classics by famous old composers, she taught me the tunes from Oklahoma! – which my mom and I thought was the most glamorous musical imaginable.

Jeanne Beker, Fashion designer, author, and television personality

The Royal Conservatory of Music program was crucial to my development as a musician and in my preparation for my career that has unfolded over the last forty years. Simply put, I would not be where I am today had I not gone through the Conservatory program.

David Foster, Grammy Award-winning musician and producer

Piya Chattopadhyay

People sometimes ask me what it is that makes me to be and sound confident as a broadcaster. I always harken back to my days growing up, learning RCM vocal, and standing in front of the examiner to pass each grade. No instrument is more personal than your own voice. To be able to stand in front of someone and sing takes some guts, but it sure does help build your confidence—and of course, there’s no better way to improve your diction. Thank you RCM for helping me become a Canadian broadcaster!

Piya Chattopadhyay, Journalist and broadcaster

Completing my ARCT with The Royal Conservatory taught me art's essentials: discipline and joy.  Who'd have thought that studying piano would also teach me to be a writer?

Annabel Lyon, Award-winning novelist and piano teacher

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