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How To Choose the Best Music Teacher for Your Child

How To Choose the Best Music Teacher for Your Child

Published on August 1, 2023

Find a Teacher Who Will Inspire Your Child To Develop the Skills Required for a Lifetime of Music-Making

Piano teacher with student

Do you remember the first time a music teacher sprinkled their magic into your childhood? Do you have a special musical mentor that lit the spark of learning and inspired you to passionately pursue your personal best? Music lessons became milestones of achievement under their care and expertise. A single music lesson had the power to transport you into a world where all things were possible, where your power to create was nurtured into the confidence that shaped your adult life.  

Very simply, great music teachers build the cornerstones that support the foundation of who we are to become. And, at The Royal Conservatory, our mission is to take you from the endless search of “find music teacher near me” and “best music teachers in my area” into the front row, watching your child create their own magic.  

We understand that pairing your budding musician with the right music teacher makes all the difference. You’ have compiled a list of prospective music teachers from your “find a music teacher near me” search, but how do you know which is the right music teacher?  

5-step checklist

We have created a 5-step checklist to remove the uncertainty of choosing the best music teacher: 

1. Ask 

Have conversations and ask for referrals and recommendations from family, friends, and neighbours. Make special note to find out more when people say their children are enjoying music lessons near you.   

2. Consult 

Consult The Royal Conservatory’s National Teacher Directory to instantly access music teachers who specialize in the RCM Certificate Program—our internationally recognized program used by over 30,000 teachers across North America. 

Use our Find a Teacher tool to filter through the best music teachers in your area by instrument and discipline. Then, adjust the filter options to streamline your search to your specific requirements, including: 

  • Age group or learning level, including lessons from Elementary to Advanced. 
  • Language of instruction, including Mandarin, French, Korean, Arabic, and many more.  
  • Location of your lessons, including at a music school, your own home, or online  
  • Teachers’ credentials and qualifications 

Explore each music teacher’s profile for the criteria that best fit your family’s needs. Then, use our directory to contact any teachers who meet your specifications, from one convenient place.  

Once you have compiled a list of prospective music teachers, simply set up a time to meet and discuss details.  

3. Meet 

A parent-teacher introduction is an opportunity to ask questions about the details in your prospective teacher’s profile and get a feel for their personality and style, before making a final choice.  

Some tips to make sure this is the right music teacher for your child include:   

  • Goals and expectations for your child’s music lessons.  
    • ​For instance, if your child is to be enrolled in piano lessons, ensure that their current musical ability is clearly communicated to the teacher. Just as importantly, you should walk away with an understanding of what the piano teacher’s process for working toward your child’s next milestone, such as examinations, will look like. 
  • Lesson location 
    • Refer to each teacher’s profile to understand where they can deliver your child’s music lessons. But that said, don’t be shy about communicating your needs. Our teachers understand that every family is different and can work with you to find a learning environment that is suitable for everyone.  
    • For instance: 
      • My family is always on the go! Online lessons, which my child can attend virtually, from anywhere we happen to be, are the ideal solution for our household. 
      • My partner and I would prefer that our child attend children’s music lessons, at a music school, where they can learn alongside other kids their own age.  
      • I can’t seem to find any music teachers near me! I would love my child to receive in-home instruction from a music teacher who is willing to come to us. 
  • Teacher’s credentials, educational philosophy, and pedagogical approach.  
    • All of which are detailed in their profile, and open for discussion in your meeting. 

4. Observe 

Request an invitation to attend the upcoming recitals of your prospective music teacher’s current students. This gives you an opportunity to observe the level of accomplishment that their students have achieved and can shed some light on their specific teaching style. 

5. Seek 

Seek out these attributes when finalizing your choice for childrens’ music teachers near you:  

  • Great music teachers convey enthusiasm for their subject matter and for their students. Without enthusiasm learning is not possible. 
  • Teachers who have a passion for music will pass along that sentiment to your child in each music lesson. Without passion, learning is not sustainable.  
  • Strong communication skills are a core tenet of all great music teachers. Even the most skilled musicians simply cannot share their knowledge without employing strong communication skills. 
  • You cannot substitute the benefits of formal training and a commitment to ongoing professional development with that of talent alone. The RCM Certificate Program offers internationally recognized standards and a methodology for measuring the milestones to success. Without this, it is difficult to gauge progress and optimize personal achievement.  

Ready to begin your search?

Find a music teacher near me, by exploring our Find a Teacher tool today.

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