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The Royal Conservatory Offers More Than 400,000 New Books to 20,000 Music Teachers in Canada and the

The Royal Conservatory Offers More Than 400,000 New Books to 20,000 Music Teachers in Canada and the US

Published on July 14, 2022

The Royal Conservatory of Music is dedicated to supporting the remarkable teachers who transform the lives of their students by inspiring a lifelong love of music.

Dr. Peter Simon

As many are small business owners, music teachers were deeply affected by the pandemic. Recognizing that resources come at a cost, The RCM prepared gifts of Celebration Series®, Sixth Edition books to 20,000 of its devoted teachers in Canada and the United States ensuring they have the materials they need to continue their valued work.

“The work of music teachers is more important than ever because the capacity to create and love music elevates the human condition in a way that no other activity can match,” said Dr. Peter Simon, President & CEO of The Royal Conservatory. “Since the COVID-19 pandemic, our focus has been to ensure the continuance of music education by supporting the critical infrastructure of independent music teachers across North America. This unprecedented gift of Celebration Series® will enable us to continue this vital support.”

The extraordinary book giveaway for teachers is The RCM’s latest contribution to fuel music education. Over the past two years The RCM has provided a solid infrastructure of support to music teachers by:

  • Developing free webinars about teaching online and a course dedicated to Online Teaching
  • Providing free access to The RCM Teacher Portal, one of the world's largest online music teacher resources.
  • Updating our Teacher Directory to allow students and parents to search for teachers who offer music lessons in an online environment.
  • Creating remote examinations, ensuring students can continue to receive recognition for their achievements from the safety and comfort of their homes.

When the book giveaway was announced, at the Music Lights The Way concert to honour teachers, The RCM also announced the Music Lights the Way Piano Festival, a piano competition for students of all ages and levels in North America. The festival provides an excellent opportunity for teachers and students to explore the new repertoire and strive towards new goals. It is also an opportunity for students to win prizes valued at more than $200,000.