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Celebrate Theory 10: History

Celebrate Theory 10: History

Celebrate Theory 10: History Cover - RCM Theory 2016

Detailed exploration of genres and styles including:

  • the Middle Ages (chant, organum, motet, chanson, instrumental dance music)
  • the Renaissance Era (motet, mass, madrigal, chanson, keyboard music)
  • the Baroque Era (opera, cantata, concerto grosso, orchestral suite,  keyboard music)
  • the Classical Era (symphony, oratorio, opera, piano concerto, sonata, chamber music)


Celebrate Theory: History  explores styles, genres, composers and works from the Middle Ages to the Modern Era, and have been newly revised to include:

  • Content aligned with the RCM Theory Syllabus, 2016 Edition  
  • New exam study outlines
  • Updated and friendly layout