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US Exam Centers, Dates, Fees

US Examination Registration Guide

RCM Certificate Program examinations provide a national standard for students, parents and teachers to track and measure progress and achievements. Preparing for and successfully completing an examination builds self-confidence and helps students develop a sense of pride.



2019.20 Exam Dates

May/June Session Important Dates

Event Date
Online Registration Opens January 7, 2020
Online Registration Deadline February 11, 2020
Theory Examinations Exams are being moved online 
Practical Examinations Exams are being moved online 

2020.21 Exam Dates

August Session Important Dates

Examinations for this session may be conducted in-person or online, pending government direction regarding social distancing. We will provide updates regarding August examinations as we receive further information from health officials.



Online Registration Opens

May 4, 2020

Online Registration Deadline June 16, 2020

Practical Examinations

July 31–August 6, 2020

Theory Examinations

August 7 & 8, 2020


November/December Session

Event Date
Online Registration Opens September 2, 2020
Online Registration Deadline October 13, 2020
Theory Examinations December 11 & 12, 2020 
Practical Examinations November 28–December 10, 2020

May/June Session

Event Date
Online Registration Opens January 5, 2021
Online Registration Deadline February 9, 2021
Theory Examinations May 14 & 15, 2021 
Practical Examinations May 17–June 6, 2021


US Examination Centers

  • All US Examination Centers

    Arizona | California | Colorado | Connecticut | District of Columbia (D.C.) | Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Massachusetts | Maryland | Michigan | Minnesota | Missouri | Montana | North Carolina | North Dakota | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | Ohio | Oklahoma | Pennsylvania | South Carolina | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Virginia | Washington | Wisconsin | West Virginia | Wyoming

    Center State
    Kingman AZ
    Paradise Valley - (Voice) AZ
    Phoenix AZ
    Tempe AZ
    Alameda County (Fremont) CA
    Beach Cities/Palos Verdes CA
    Fountain Valley CA
    Fresno CA
    Huntington Beach CA
    Irvine CA
    Menlo Park CA
    Mountain View CA
    Palos Verdes/Manhattan Beach ( Strings ) CA
    Pasadena CA
    Redlands CA
    Riverside CA
    Sacramento CA
    San Diego – Carlsbad CA
    San Diego – La Jolla CA
    San Diego – San Marcos CA
    San Diego – Sorrento Valley CA
    San Francisco CA
    San Joaquin County CA
    San Jose CA
    Santa Barbara CA
    Santa Clarita CA
    Stanislaus County CA
    Temecula CA
    Torrance CA
    West L.A./Santa Monica CA
    Boulder CO
    Colorado Springs CO
    Denver North CO
    Denver South CO
    Greenwich CT
    New Haven CT
    Levine DC
    Coral Springs ( Broward County ) FL
    Jacksonville FL
    Key West FL
    Lake Worth ( Palm Beach County ) FL
    Miami FL
    Orlando FL
    Sarasota FL
    Tampa (Cross Creek) FL
    Tampa Bay FL
    Alpharetta GA
    Honolulu HI
    Central Illinois IL
    Chicago IL
    Oswego IL
    St. Charles IL
    Wheaton IL
    For Wayne IN
    Indianapolis IN
    Nappanee (Bourbon Indiana) IN
    Davenport IA
    Franklin MA
    Hingham Central MA
    Arnold (Annapolis) MD
    California MD
    Gaithersburg MD
    Germantown MD
    Salisbury MD
    Ann Arbor MI
    Livonia MI
    Rochester MI
    Excelsior MN
    Minneapolis MN
    St. Paul MN
    Kansas City MO
    St. Louis MO
    Missoula MT
    Cary NC
    Fargo ND
    Concord NH
    Berkeley Heights NJ
    Central Jersey (Matawan) NJ
    East Hanover NJ
    Englewood Cliffs NJ
    Flemington NJ
    Kingston NJ
    New Brunswick NJ
    Pine Brook NJ
    Princeton NJ
    Albuquerque NM
    Amherst NY
    Bronxville NY
    Larchmont NY
    New York: Brooklyn Conservatory of Music NY
    New York: Manhattan NY
    Pearl River (Spring Valley) NY
    Port Jefferson NY
    Queens NY
    Riverhead NY
    Rochester NY
    White Plains NY
    Athens OH
    Bowling Green OH
    Cincinnati OH
    Columbus OH
    Oklahoma City OK
    Tulsa OK
    Lancaster PA
    Philadelphia PA
    Pittsburgh PA
    State College PA
    York PA
    Columbia SC
    Elizabethton TN
    Cedar Park TX
    Coppell TX
    Dallas TX
    Fort Worth TX
    Frisco: Music Institute of North Texas TX
    Katy TX
    Plano TX
    San Antonio TX
    Salt Lake City UT
    Vernal UT
    Charlottesville VA
    Vienna VA
    Bainbridge Island WA
    Bellevue WA
    Bothell WA
    Kettle Falls WA
    North Seattle WA
    Seattle South WA
    Seattle-Eastside WA
    Silverdale WA
    Spokane WA
    Tri-Cities WA
    Eau Claire WI
    Hartland WI
    Morgantown WV
    Shepherdstown WV


US Examination Fees 

  • Practical Examination Fees
    Practical Examination Fee
    Preparatory (non-piano) $60
    Preparatory A $60
    Preparatory B $60
    Level 1 $99
    Level 2 $120
    Level 3 $145
    Level 4 $155
    Level 5 $168
    Level 6 $179
    Level 7 $188
    Level 8 $237
    Level 9 $270
    Level 10 $431
    Level 10 Split: Repertoire Only $301
    Level 10 Split: Technique, Ear Tests, and Sight Reading $301
    Level 10 Split: Technique, Orchestral Excerpts, Ear Tests, and Sight Reading $302
    ARCT - Performer's $740
    ARCT - Teacher's (non-piano) $730
    ARCT - Teacher's Part 1 (non-piano) $460
    ARCT - Teacher's Part 2 (non-piano) $460
    Elementary Piano Pedagogy $377
    Intermediate Piano Pedagogy $396
    Advanced Piano Pedagogy Practical $505
    Advanced Piano Pedagogy Viva Voce $505
    Licentiate - Piano Performance $889
    Level 9 Keyboard Harmony $180
    Level 10 Keyboard Harmony $205
    ARCT Keyboard Harmony $245
  • Supplemental Practical Examination Fees (Level 10 and ARCT only, if applicable)
    Level 10 Supplemental Examinations Fee
    Technical Requirements $180
    Ear Test $155
    Sight Reading or Sight Singing $155
    Studies Only
    (NOT applicable to piano, accordion, cello, double bass, guitar, viola, violin; please consult a current syllabus for further details)
    Orchestral Excerpts (where applicable) $180
    Figured Bass $140
    Questions $140
    Pedal Scales $160
    Trio Studies $160
    Obbligato $160
    ARCT  Supplemental Examinations  
    Advanced Piano Pedagogy Supplemental: Repertoire $505
    Technical Requirements $195
    Ear Test $170
    Sight Reading or Sight Singing $195
    Figured Bass $160
    Orchestral Excerpts (where applicable) $185
    Viva Voce "A" Pedagogical Principles $220
    Viva Voce "B" Applied Pedagogy $220
  • Theory Examination Fees
    Level 5 Theory $125
    Level 6 Theory $135
    Level 7 Theory $145
    Level 8 Theory $155
    Level 9 Harmony & Counterpoint $180
    Level 9 History $180
    Level 10 Harmony & Counterpoint $203
    Level 10 History $203
    ARCT in Composition & Theory $870
    ARCT Harmony & Counterpoint $250
    ARCT Analysis $250
    ARCT History $250
    ARCT Teachers Written $250
    Elementary Piano Pedagogy Written $170
    Intermediate Piano Pedagogy Written $191
    Advanced Piano Pedagogy Written $250
    Academic Qualifying Exam $850
    Aural Skills $240
    Baroque Harmony & Counterpoint I $240
    Baroque Harmony & Counterpoint II $240
    Classical Harmony & Counterpoint $240
    Counterpoint $240
    Music History after 1900 $240
    Music History up to 1900 $240
    Orchestration I $240
    Orchestration II $240
    Post-1900 Composition Techniques $240
  • Services Fees
    • Practice Theory Paper Assessment: $65  
    • Re-Evaluation of Theory Examination Paper: $65  
    • Re-Calculation of Theory Examination Paper: $20    
    • Duplicate or Replacement Practical Results: $35    
    • Duplicate or Replacement Theory Results: $35   
    • Transcript: $35  
    • Transcripts (per additional copy): $10    
    • Duplicate or Replacement Certificates: $45    
    • Duplicate or Replacement Diplomas: $85    
    • Duplicate or Replacement Silver/Gold Medals: $100 
    • Transfer of Theory Credit: $65   
    • Special Theory Center: $35    
    • Past Sample Theory Papers (ARCT Teacher's Written and Theory & Composition — non-piano): $15    
    • Late Application Fee: $45    
    • Paper Application Fee: $20    
    • Substitute Piece Request: $30


  • Why Take an Exam?

    The RCM Certificate Program offers examinations at all levels as an integral part of our renowned system of study. This is because examinations:

    • provide students with a challenge to prepare for and overcome
    • help students to set goals and round out their musical knowledge.
    • are a great way for them to show off student progression and achievements and a wonderful way to celebrate student success along their music journey

    Students who take exams see additional benefits, both in their daily lives and in their music training. Here are a few examples:

    • Eligible to win Gold Medal awards from The Royal Conservatory.
    • Many high schools recognize RCM Certificate Program examinations for credit toward graduation.
    • An accredited examiner from the RCM's College of Examiners provides objective feedback and comments which can be valuable in developing the student’s skills.
    • Students who participate in RCM examinations tend to become more dedicated to their instrument and practice more often.
    • Achievement in RCM Certificate Program examinations is an impressive addition to any résumé. More than just sharing an individual’s musical accomplishments, it is indicative of their creativity, a willingness to learn, an ability to set both short and long-term goals, and a commitment to achieving difficult tasks.

    We encourage all our students to take examinations to challenge themselves and help build their confidence!

    View our Guide to Examinations!

    Also, watch these 2 short videos of students talking about their exam experiences!

  • New to Teaching the RCM Certificate Program?

    If you are new to teaching the RCM Certificate Program and are unsure how to submit your students for exams, we have prepared an online guide to help!

    Use the navigation link at the top of the guide to jump to our step-by-step instructions on how to register your students.

    View Guide