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Bahareh Ameri

Bahareh Ameri
Bahareh Ameri Photo
  • Faculty, Oscar Peterson School of Music


Early Childhood (Smart Start)

Bahareh Ameri is an Orff Music specialist and has been on the faculty of the Royal Conservatory of Music as a Smart Start Instructor since 2015.


Born and raised in Iran, she has been involved with music from a young age when she started playing the piano. After receiving a bachelor’s in science, she continued exploring the world of music by studying piano and vocals, became a choral singer and started teaching the piano to children.

Bahareh has been trained in Orff pedagogies and was further certified as an Orff (Level 3) Specialist in the summer of 2019. She completed various courses and workshops at the Royal Conservatory of Music and The San Francisco International Orff Institute.

Highlights of her career include faculty member at the Royal Conservatory of Music, working as an Itinerant Music Instructor with the Toronto District School Board, contribution to music curriculum development in the Aga Khan Museum Resources Project, teaching and developing music curriculum in Farsi, co-founding a music project for child labourers in Iran, teaching music in deferent private and public schools in Toronto, board membership in Ontario Chapter of Carl Orff Canada, leading camps, providing music workshops and organizing group children’s music classes as well as coordinating and supervising public performances.


Bahareh is an enthusiastic children's music instructor, who provides a positive and creative environment to motivate children in their learning. She is a recipient of The Lois Birkenshaw-Fleming Scholarship for Creative Teaching (2016), The Keith Bissell Scholarship (2016), and The Gunild Keetman Scholarship (2017)