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Bill Parsons

Bill Parsons
Bill Parsons Photo
  • Faculty, Oscar Peterson School of Music



Bill Parsons uses a personal, cross-discipline approach to his work as a creative artist. As a performer, composer, producer, and writer his interests lie in the creative process and the inner workings of the unconscious mind. He can be heard in performance and on recordings, film-scores, and interdisciplinary collaborations. 

As a teacher, he helps students develop their natural musical voice. Efficient, creative, personalized strategies are used to help students progress on any instrument. Working with all levels, he encourages a focussed, positive, and healthy mindset.

Bill teaches private lessons, Guitar Group, and Fusio Jam Session at the Oscar Peterson School of Music.

Private Lessons

  • classical guitar, RCM exam preparation
  • acoustic & electric guitars, all styles
  • kacapi (20-string Indonesian zither)
  • bass guitar, to play in a band
  • drum-set, to play in a band
  • percussion (congas, gamelan, glass), to play in a band

Other Private Lessons

  • recording, producing, theory, improvising

Guitar Group (for guitar & bass guitar) with classes on Sunday afternoons. Learn by playing with others. Electric and acoustic instruments welcome. 

  • Level I new & experienced beginners 
  • Level II intermediate
  • Level III advanced

Fusio Jam Session for all instruments with classes on Sunday afternoons and Monday nights.

Join a band and open the door to creativity. Improve your playing as you explore classic songs and techniques of ensemble playing, improvisation, and the art of groove. All instruments welcome. Experienced beginners to advanced. For ages 8-80.