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Jenifer McDonald

Jenifer McDonald
  • Director

Jenifer retired from a 20 year career in network television in the U.S., which included senior Sales/Marketing positions with NBC and Lifetime Television in both New York and Los Angeles.  She has a degree in Communications from Northern Arizona University.  Her first television job was as a weather reporter for the local NBC affiliate in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Jenifer’s mother, Sylvia Cockram Hosack, graduated with an ARCT diploma in 1948. One of her fondest memories was being accompanied by Glenn Gould, during a soprano solo, while both were students at the RCM.

Jenifer was born and raised in Prescott, Ontario where her early years of piano study were based on The Royal Conservatory curriculum. The family moved to California when she was nine years old.

After a 40-year absence from Canada, Jenifer, her husband Stephen and their daughter, Margaret, returned to Toronto from New York City in 2006. 

Since her return she has been a strong supporter of The Royal Conservatory.