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Naomi Watson-Laird

Naomi Watson-Laird
Naomi Watson-Laird Photo
  • Examiner

Education - Studies

  • MA, Carleton University


  • Merivale High School, Ottawa, ON

Naomi Watson-Laird has been teaching all levels of piano, theory rudiments, history, and pedagogy in her private studio for twenty-five years. As a high school teacher in Ottawa she is called on to give daily assessment and evaluations in several disciplines, at many levels.

Naomi studied piano with many excellent teachers over the years; in particular, at the senior levels she studied with Laurie Rosewarne in Ottawa. While at Carleton University Naomi studied orchestration and composition with the composer Patrick Cardy.

She has adjudicated for Canadian Contemporary Showcase.
Ms. Watson-Laird has worked as an accompanist for colleagues as well as for music festivals. As a high school teacher she has worked with her local CAPPIES program, fielding a team of writer critics and coaching the vocal ensembles for various productions.

After founding and directing the Barrhaven Children’s Choir (1994-1997), Naomi Watson-Laird has been developing and conducting the Campanella Children’s Choir (since 2007) while maintaining a busy studio in the evenings and teaching at her high school during the day. Ms. Watson-Laird was a past-president of the Ottawa West Music Club.

Professional Affiliations

  • Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association (ORMTA)