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Xin Wang

Xin Wang
Xin Wang
  • Faculty, The Glenn Gould School


Vocal Studies

Canadian Soprano Xin Wang was chosen to represent the Chinese Community in 2017 when Toronto Symphony Orchestra celebrated Canada’s 150th Anniversary with ‘Our Shared Anthem’, an initiative to present the Canadian anthem in 12 most widely spoken languages including Mandarin. Born in Kunming, Yunnan, China, Xin Wang (王馨) arrived in Canada at age 18 (1994) to begin her pursuit of a musical education and a career in singing. 

After graduating from University of Toronto in 2004 with degrees both in vocal performance and opera performance, Xin’s professional path led her steadily towards the realm of classical contemporary music.  Xin has been recognized as a performer with fearless virtuosity and abundant flexibility. She excels equally in unaccompanied solo works, intricate Chamber pieces and demanding operatic roles, capturing the audience with dramatic conviction as well as musical sensitivities.

Xin is a strong advocate for music of our time. She has brought Canadian music to international audiences at Convent Garden, London England (2006), World Stage Design 2017, Taiwan and Beijing International Modern Music Festival (2019). She has brought the Toronto audiences music of international composers such as Steve Reich, Jacques Bank, Karin Rehnquist, Jürg Wyttenbach, Fuhong Shi, Philippe Leroux, Thomas Kessler, Chen Yi and Toshio Hosokawa. Xin has premiered works by Canadian Composers such as Aaron Gervais, Ana Sokolovic, Kanin Chan, Mellissa Hui, Petar Klanac, John Rea, Erik Ross and Jimmie Leblanc.  

Xin Wang has been recognized as a mesmerizing singing actor. She was nominated and won a Dora award in 2011 for the most outstanding performance in Theater for Young People. She has worked with renown directors such as Lemi Ponifasio (2015), Guillaume Bernardi (2009), Tom Diamond (2010), Pamela Howard (2017), Lynda Hill (2008 and 2011) and Michael Hidetoshi Mori (2020)

Xin is incapable of living without a project on the go. Therefore, if she is not preparing music for an upcoming performance, she is committed to the study and performances of iconic vocal works of the 20thand 21st century such as: ‘Sequenza III’ by Luciano Berio, ‘Recitation’ by George Aperghis and ‘Apparation’ by George Crumb. This has inspired profound technical, musical, and intellectual growth making her an articulate and effective teacher of vocal technique, musicianship, and dramatic interpretation. Xin is most concerned with the well-functioning of the singing voice enabling it an agile instrument for the many demands of various repertoire. Outside of her private home studio, Xin has given lessons, workshops and masterclasses at University of Toronto, Western University of Ontario, University of Calgary, The Royal conservatory of Music and University of Saskatchewan. Xin has developed her own pedagogical focus on vocal training and maintenance based on human anatomy; physics of sound and musical precision obtained through layered, systematic learning.