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Pedagogy: Music Theory - Harmony 9 (Summer)

Pedagogy: Music Theory - Harmony 9 (Summer)
Theory Syllabus
  • Price:  $599
  • Available:  August 8, 2022 - August 18, 2022
  • Days:  Monday;Tuesday;Wednesday;Thursday;Friday
  • Time:  1:00-3:15 pm ET
  • Instructor:  Julia Galieva-Szokolay
  • Discipline:  Theory & History
  • Course Type:  Group Classes, Professional Development, Theory & History
  • Student Type:  Teachers & Educators, Adults
  • Difficulty:  Advanced

Course Description

Class will be delivered online via Zoom. Times are local in the Eastern Time zone. 

This 20-hour (9-day) course focuses on pedagogical approaches and examination expectations in view of the new harmony/analysis requirements in The Royal Conservatory Theory Syllabus, 2016 Edition. It is designed to provide practical support for music theory instructors of Advanced theory levels, focussing in particular on Celebrate Theory 9: Harmony.

The course would also benefit teachers of practical disciplines who wish to gain insights into advanced theory studies, and how they support the development of complete musicianship. It will inspire classroom creativity and encourage development of instructors' personal teaching styles.

Harmony 9 Pedagogy will:

  • guide teachers who are working with students in preparation for advanced level theory examinations
  • clarify expectations of each examination question
  • provide resources and classroom strategies for teaching the theory component of The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program
  • explore the ways of engaging active hearing, and connecting students’ musical instincts with analysis and part-writing
  • foster conscious application of theory skills to live music making
Required Course Materials (not included in tuition:


*Syllabus can be downloaded free from RCM website