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Pedagogy: Teaching Beginner Violin

Pedagogy: Teaching Beginner Violin
Violin Pedagogy
  • Price:  $549
  • Available:  February 26, 2024 - May 27, 2024
  • Days:  Monday
  • Time:  8:30-9:30 pm
  • Duration:  60 minutes
  • Instructor:  Kelly Parkins-Lindstrom
  • Discipline:  Strings, Violin
  • Course Type:  Professional Development
  • Student Type:  Teachers & Educators, Adults
  • Difficulty:  Intermediate, Advanced

Course Description

This course is for teachers who teach elementary level students. Based on the Violin Series, 2021 Edition, which features a diverse and wide range of styles and eras, this course focuses on Preparatory to Level 4, linking technique to etudes and repertoire.

This course will help teachers:

  • Create a solid foundation for teaching stringed instruments at the Elementary level with a focus on The RCM Certificate Program.
  • Develop well-rounded musicians by covering all essential areas of musical development related to repertoire - Physical Development, Theory, Ear Training, Sight Reading, Music Literacy, Musicianship, and Artistry – in addition to fostering an all-encompassing musical education and a lifelong love of music.
  • Design a well-balanced program of study catered for all types of learners, to develop long term/short term goals, to create successful lesson plans appropriate for each level.
  • Refine teaching techniques for Elementary level violin students.
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of the selected Elementary level repertoire, technique, and etudes from the Violin Series, 2021 Edition.
  • Gain insights into the examination experience to best help their students prepare for assessments.

Teachers will enjoy an enriched learning environment with insights and perspectives from leading pedagogues in North America, as well as opportunities to connect with peers and share teaching challenges and successes through weekly discussions.

Additional Course Benefits!

  • Expand your Portfolio — Course assignments to improve teaching practice and contribute towards motivated students, satisfied parents, and increasing your own confidence and pride as a teacher – both now and in the future!
  • RCM Certified Teacher eligibility — Within two years of course completion, teachers who submit at least two successful elementary-level string exam candidates, and who complete RCM Elementary Level certification requirements can become an RCM Certified Teacher at no extra cost.
  • ARCT Diploma preparation — Teachers completing this course who have RCM Teacher Certification can prepare for Teacher’s Associate Diploma (ARCT) in Violin Viva Voce examination. Download the Violin Syllabus – Teacher’s ARCT Supplement, 2013 Edition for details.

PRE-REQUISITES: Candidates are advised to complete all the requirements for the Level 8 Violin Certificate before attempting Elementary Violin Pedagogy examinations. No previous teaching experience is required. Minimum age is 16 years or by permission of course instructor.