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Piano: Learn to Play - Piano & Beyond (Adults)

Piano: Learn to Play - Piano & Beyond (Adults)
Learn to Play Piano
  • Available:  September 25, 2023 - June 3, 2024
  • Duration:  60 minutes
  • Instructor:  Cecilia Chan
  • Discipline:  Piano
  • Course Type:  Group Classes, Learn to Play | Sing
  • Student Type:  Adults
  • Difficulty:  Beginner, Intermediate

Course Description

Unsure if you're ready for private lessons? Join a group class and learn to play piano in a relaxed and social environment. Choose from Learn to Play (Introduction, Levels 1 and 2), Keyboard Club, or Piano and Beyond.
All classes are 60 minutes.

Playing the piano is about having a relationship with music.

Piano & Beyond 1: Introduction  |  Piano & Beyond 2: Foundations of Piano Literature  |  Piano & Beyond 3: Comprehensive  |  Piano & Beyond 4: In Performance  |  Piano & Beyond 5: In Curriculum

Piano and Beyond 1 – Introduction

Piano and Beyond is the continuation of Learn to Play: Level 1 and Learn to Play: Level 2. This class is designed for students who can read piano music and want to take their playing to the next level by further developing core skills: controlled pedaling, shaping musical phrases, rhythmic precision, and dynamic range. Your repertoire will include a variety of musical genres including technical studies, baroque pieces, classical standards, romantic melodies, Latin and jazz selections, and popular Broadway and movie tunes. Piano and Beyond is the perfect class for the busy professional who enjoys playing the piano and wants to improve their musicianship and range of repertoire.

Prerequisites: Completion of Learn to Play Piano: Level 2 and/or permission of the instructor. 

Piano and Beyond 2 - Foundations of Piano Literature 

Students are encouraged to enroll in Piano and Beyond 2 upon completion of Piano and Beyond 1 - Introduction. In this course you will strengthen your piano playing technique through a study of a range of pieces from Beethoven to Broadway and everything in between. You will be introduced to the rudiments of music theory and learn the art of effective piano practice. By the end of this course you will be able to play pieces equivalent to RCM Certificate Program Level 2 and 3 repertoire.

Prerequisites: Completion of Piano and Beyond 1 - Introduction or by permission of the instructor. 

Piano and Beyond 3 - Comprehensive 

In this class you will explore the world of piano music, playing intermediate piano studies and technical exercises, learning pedaling practice, musical interpretation by means of melodic phrasing, tonal balance between hands, and rhythmic precision. The repertoire will span a variety of genres including popular ballads, keyboard reductions of famous symphonies and concerti, Broadway and movie tunes, as well as Latin and Jazz selections. By the end of this course you will be able to play pieces equivalent to RCM Certificate Program Level 4 and 5 repertoire.

Prerequisites: Completion of Piano and Beyond 2 - Foundations of Piano Literature or by permission of the instructor.

Piano and Beyond 4 - In Performance 

By now you will have a good grasp of musical phrasing, pedalling, control of tone colour, rhythmic accuracy, technical precision, a deeper understanding of the art of practicing, and ideas about interpretation of different musical genres.  You are ready to take your performance skills to the next level and to build a portfolio of pieces that you can perform with confidence in front of a small audience. You will also learn to identify your strengths and weaknesses and to determine what types of music you want to specialize in.  During this is directional year, you will be inspired to focus on and polish your chosen repertoire. You will be able to discuss music intelligently and share musical ideas with fellow artists and music lovers. Just imagine how fantastic it will be to achieve your goal of becoming a pianist!

Prerequisites: Completion of Piano and Beyond 3 - Comprehensive or by permission of the instructor. 

Piano and Beyond 5 - In Curriculum

At this stage you are ready to enter The Royal Conservatory's internationally recognized Celebration Series®, Sixth Edition for piano. Pieces will be drawn from the RCM Certificate Program Preparatory A to Level 2 Repertoire and Etudes books. Students in this class will be encouraged to prepare for and perform in a year-end recital. After Piano & Beyond 5 students can transition to one of our weekly Keyboard Clubs (group class), or continue with weekly or bi-weekly private piano lessons.

Prerequisites: Completion of Piano and Beyond 4 - In Performance or by permission of the instructor. 

Piano & Beyond

Full Year

Sep 25, 2023-May 27, 2024
Instructor: Cecilia Chan

Piano & Beyond 1: Introduction
8:00-9:00 pm

Piano & Beyond 2: Foundations of Piano Literature

Piano & Beyond 3: Comprehensive

Piano & Beyond 4: In Performance

Piano & Beyond 5: In Curriculum