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Theory: Level 5

Theory: Level 5
Theory Level 5 book cover
  • Available:  September 23, 2023 - June 8, 2024
  • Duration:  60 minutes
  • Instructor:  Oscar Peterson School Faculty
  • Discipline:  Theory & History
  • Course Type:  Group Classes, Theory & History
  • Student Type:  School Aged (4-17)
  • Difficulty:  Intermediate

Course Description

All Theory & History classes are in-person only. Tuition does not include textbooks or exam. Students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks and registering for exams.

In this class you will cover all concepts as outlined in the Theory Syllabus, 2016 Edition:

  • Major and minor keys up to four sharps or flats
  • Pitch and Notation - ledger lines, enharmonic equivalents, transposition, rewriting melodies
  • Rhythm and Meter – notes and rest values, beats, time signatures, whole and half steps, melodic and harmonic intervals
  • Scales – major and minor scales, relative major and minor keys, parallel major and minor keys, scale degree names
  • Chords and Harmony – tonic, subdominant, and dominant triads, dominant 7th chords (root position), functional chord symbols, root/quality chord symbols
  • Melody and Composition – composition, stable and unstable scale degrees
  • Form and Analysis – identify concepts, keys, question-answer phrase pairs, and melodic phrases
Tuition includes:
  • 28 sessions from September to May
  • weekly one-hour live classes taught by RCM Examiner
  • official Level 5 Examination
  • full access to the online study guide (via Moodle Account)
    • Practice Tests - can be completed as many times a student wishes before taking the Unit Test
    • Unit Tests - can only be completed once and cumulatively represent 40% of a student’s final grade
    • Final Exam - taken only after all Unit Tests completed; Exam represents remaining 60% of final grade
  • official RCM Examination Certificate upon succesful completion of Examination
Textbooks are not included in tuition and must be purchased by students prior to the first class.

Pre-requisites: Completion of RCM Level 4 Theory. 

Required Textbooks (not included in tuition):