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Practical Exam Issues

Practical Exam Issues

Please submit this form ONLY if you were NOT able to connect to your exam room and/or did not see your examiner, or if you do not receive your program form for your CONFIRMED exam the day before your exam.  We will respond within the next business day.  If your issue is not specifically related to your inability to connect to your exam room, please do not fill out this form and please contact us here. We will not reply to submissions to this form that do not meet the criteria stated here.

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Please provide three dates and times when you can redo your exam:

  1. The earliest date currently available is August 11.
  2. Please first provide your ideal time with your chosen date, and then also provide all other times that you are available for each date in order to increase our ability to quickly find an examiner for you. NOTE: Please choose a mix of times starting at :00 or :30.