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The most trusted name in music lessons, The RCM Certificate Program is designed to give students the opportunity to explore music learning that is founded in confidence, motivation, kindness and passion. RCM students don’t just take music lessons, they play music - that’s The #RCMEffect. 
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Send Your Child Forward This Back-to-School Season

At the RCM, we know that the extracurricular activities your child does today impact who they become tomorrow. Let your child be motivated and find confidence in music study, and set them up for success by enrolling in the RCM Certificate Program.

With over 30,000 teachers and 500,000 students across North America, the RCM Certificate Program offers a world-class program of music study and assessment with extensive online resources and remote learning support. Our alumni have built careers in a wide range of fields, including music, medicine, law, journalism, and professional sports. Your child can too.

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