Giving to The Royal Conservatory - Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I make my cheque payable to?
What is The Royal Conservatory’s legal name?
What is The Royal Conservatory’s charitable registration number?
Does The Royal Conservatory of Music issue tax receipts?
When can I expect my tax receipt?
I cannot find my tax receipt. Can I have another one?
I tried to make a donation online and ran into problems. How do I get help or find out what happened to my donation?
How secure is my information? Does The Royal Conservatory sell, rent, or trade information to other agencies?
I would like to donate an instrument to The Royal Conservatory. Can I do that?
What donation methods can I use?
How is my donation used?
Where is The Royal Conservatory located?
How can I make a gift of securities?
Can I make a recurring monthly gift with my credit card?
How can I find out if my employer will match my gift to The Royal Conservatory?
How do I learn more about legacy giving opportunities?
Why should I donate to The Royal Conservatory?
Where can I direct my gift?
Can I set up a scholarship in my name or in the name of a loved one?
What is the difference between an endowed and an annual scholarship?
I reside in the United States; can I make a donation to The Royal Conservatory?
How will my gift be recognized?
Can I make my gift anonymously?