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Music History Level 10 Online Examination

Music History Level 10 Online Examination

The Music History Level 10 Online Examination is now available both within the online Music History Level 10 course, and as a standalone offering. The examination is available on demand all year and can be taken by students any place that has a reliable internet connection.

Comparison of the Online Examination with the Written Examination

  • Both examinations are based on Theory Syllabus, 2016 Edition
  • Questions on both exams test knowledge of the music of four historical style periods – the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical eras – with emphasis on the development of musical genres and forms.
  • To view a video demonstration of the History 10 online course and exam experience, please click here.
Written Online
- Offered three times each year (May, August, and December)
- Must be written at the scheduled times and dates, as outlined online
- Available on demand
- Can be attempted any time, whenever a student is ready
- Must be written at official examination centers - May be completed at any location with Internet access
- 180 minutes in length (3 hours) - 110 minutes in length (1 hour 50 minutes)
- Marked examinations are returned to students, with comments from the examiner

- Examinations are not returned to students. A breakdown showing marks earned for each section is provided

- Comments are not provided

- Musical excerpts for identification may appear on the written exam, but there is no listening component - Listening component appears on each exam, worth 30% of total mark
- Short essay answers are included, and worth approximately 20-40% of the exam
- Questions requiring prose answers typically consist of composers' biographies, musical style, and detailed descriptions of required works
- Two essays are included; A short essay, comparing various aspects of composers’ contributions and musical style, worth 10%, and a long essay, comparing the musical style of two historical periods, or summarizing the characteristics of one or more musical genres or categories, worth 20%.
- Both essay questions will require students to synthesize information, and to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts encountered in the course.

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