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Examination Information for Intermediate Theory, Levels 5–8: Digital Courses with Exam

Examination Information for Intermediate Theory, Levels 5–8: Digital Courses and Exam

The Level 5-8 Theory Examinations are now available both within the Online Theory Study Guides, and as standalone offerings. Online Theory Examinations are available on demand and can be taken by students any time and at any place that has a reliable internet connection.

Comparison of Online Theory Options

Online Theory Study Guide with Exam Online Theory Exam Only
Review of the eight theory units, with audio examples, guided analysis, step-by-step procedures, and unit practice tests for additional practice between in-person lessons with the teacher Not included
Practice Tests with hints for each of the eight units Not included
Unit Test at the completion of each unit Not included
Practice Final Exam Not included
Eight 10-minute Unit Tests worth a total of 40% of the overall mark and one 1-hour final exam worth 60% of the final mark One 1-hour exam worth 100% of the final mark
Unit Tests can be completed separately at student’s desired pace. The final exam must be completed in one sitting when started. The exam must be completed in one sitting
Available within 24 hours after purchase and will be available for 12 months Available within 24 hours after purchase and will be available for 120 days
Exam Credit cannot be applied to purchase Exam Credit can be applied to purchase
All levels $210 each Level 5 - $135
Level 6 - $145
Level 7 - $155
Level 8 - $170
No deadline to purchase No deadline to purchase
Available in English Available in English and French
Buy Online Theory Guide with Exam Buy Online Theory Exam Only


For the final exam, it is strongly recommended:

  1. That the online final exam be proctored* in case the exam is ever submitted for secondary school credit;
  2. That students confirm with their school that a proctored* online exam will be accepted for secondary school credit.

To ensure the academic integrity of the exam, the Proctor should NOT be a relative (e.g. mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.) NOR should the Proctor be the personal music teacher of the exam candidate.