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Celebrations of Excellence - US

Celebrations of Excellence - US

Celebrations of Excellence are held across the country and acknowledge the outstanding achievements of RCM students. This year, due to COVID-19, to ensure our students remain safe, we are asking award-winners to submit video performances to be added to a full online ceremony, organized by region. Award winners will be contacted via the email associated with their RCM account. To learn more about a specific ceremony, please select your location below. 

  • California/Hawaii
    Event Date Time
    Southern California Saturday, January 16, 2021 10AM
    Northern California Saturday, January 16, 2021 1PM
  • Northwest (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington) and Southwest (Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming)

    Northwest & Southwest Celebration of Excellence | Sunday, November 1 at 1 PM CT

  • North Central (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin)
    Date Time
    Saturday, December 12, 2020    TBC
  • South Central (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas)
    Date Time
    Saturday, December 19, 2020     TBC
  • Northeast Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia)
    Date Time
    Saturday, December 5, 2020     TBC
  • Southeast (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia)

    Southeast Celebration of Excellence | Saturday, November 14 at 1 PM ET

  • National
    Date Time
    Saturday, January 23, 2021     1PM Eastern

    The U.S National Celebration of Excellence event is new in 2020. The students from levels 5 to ARCT with the highest mark in their discipline across United States will be invited to play at the U.S. National Celebration of Excellence. Invitations will be sent to the email address on your account.
  • Award Winners


    National & Regional Gold Medal, State Certificate
    Evan Xu - Piano, Level 5

    Regional Gold Medal, State Certificate         
    Iris Charles - Guitar, Preparatory             
    Tanmai Darbha - Guitar, Level 1                    
    Kenisha Nanda - Guitar, Level 1                       
    Ashrit Ghattu - Guitar, Level 2                     
    Thanush Patlolla - Guitar, Level 3                    
    Shiv Zaveri- Guitar, Level 4                       
    Diya SomnaliPercussion, Level 1                       
    Rishi Dasan - Piano, Preparatory A           
    Rishabh Tornala- Piano, Preparatory B           
    Anjali Kandur- Piano, Level 1                       
    Priyam Pallapati- Piano, Level 2                       
    Roham Farhadi- Piano, Level 3                       
    Kenneth Low- Piano, Level 4                     
    Alex Xu- Piano, Level 6                      
    Anna Geng-Gao- Piano, Level 7                       
    Olivia Mansour- Piano, Level 8                      
    Patrick Seebold- Piano, Level 9                      
    Caden Deng- Strings, Preparatory              
    Aditi R Vanga- Strings, Level 1                      
    Gudrun Campbell- Strings, Level 2                       
    Pranavi Dantuluri- Strings, Level 2                      
    Kaavya Vemuri- Strings, Level 3                 
    Eva Gonzalez-Whitehouse- Strings, Level 4                       
    Varun M. Govindarajan- Strings, Level 6                       
    Eva Ulreich - Voice, Level 1                       
    Diya Somnali- Voice, Level 2                       
    Janeway HowardVoice, Level 3                       
    Corinne Laurey- Voice, Level 6                   
    Tara Ramkumar- Winds, Level 1                      
    Hannah Cecilia Speer- Winds, Level 1                 
    Zhixuan Xu- Winds, Level 2                      
    Zhixuan Xu- Winds, Level 3                    

    State Certificate
    Ashrit Ghattu - Guitar, Level 1                      
    Emilie Mimbs - Piano, Preparatory A           
    Anna Ogiba- Piano, Preparatory A           
    Mahathi Vadlamudi- Piano, Preparatory A           
    Qizhen Gianna Cong- Piano, Preparatory B      
    Sarah Delaune- Piano, Preparatory B           
    Anuradha Prashant- Piano, Preparatory B           
    Michelle Terblanche- Piano, Preparatory B        
    Peter Wang- Piano, Preparatory B          
    Amanda Beresford- Piano, Level 1                       
    Gabriel Fleming- Piano, Level 1                       
    Irene Sasser- Piano, Level 1                      
    Nandita Senthil- Piano, Level 1                  
    Sree Tokdar- Piano, Level 1                    
    Athira Umashankar- Piano, Level 1                      
    Sarah Fang- Piano, Level 2                    
    Anna Fulmer- Piano, Level 2                       
    Jennifer Lu- Piano, Level 2                      
    Preeti Peddu- Piano, Level 2                    
    Aahana Mukherjee- Piano, Level 3                       
    Sarah Ni- Piano, Level 3                       
    Mark Solis - Piano, Level 3                       
    Jeremy Thomas - Piano, Level 3                      
    Ishanika Damani- Piano, Level 4                       
    Sarah Fang- Piano,  Level 4                      
    Meghdoot Ghoshal - Piano, Level 4                       
    Kohana Pal Basu - Piano, Level 4                       
    Emma Patterson- Piano, Level 4                       
    Sierra Pritchett- Piano, Level 4                       
    Jianlin Chen- Piano, Level 5                       
    Jivana Kuhanandha- Piano,  Level 5                       
    Rosemary Ruan- Piano, Level 5                     
    Neslihan Atilla - Piano, Level 6                       
    Samuel Han- Piano, Level 6                   
    Radha Mukkamala - Piano, Level 6                   
    Saahil Gaonkar - Piano, Level 8                    
    Allen Xu- Piano, Level 8                  
    Audrey Connell - Strings, Preparatory            
    Harper Miller - Strings, Preparatory          
    Sadie Tobias - Strings, Preparatory           
    Adarsh Bharadwaj - Strings, Level 1                     
    Caden Deng - Strings, Level 1                       
    Cosette Wong - Strings, Level 1                       
    Eva Ulreich - Voice, Level 1                    

    Northwest & Southwest

    National & Regional Gold Medal, State Certificate
    Ryan McKee - Piano, Level 6
    Akilan Sankaran - Piano, Level 7
    Catherine Xie - Strings, Level 5
    Shreya Krishnan - Voice, Level 8

    Regional Gold Medal, State Certificate
    Timothy Lynch - Guitar, Preparatory 
    Aidan Lee - Guitar, Level 1
    Dylan Fu - Piano, Preparatory A
    Lucas Zhang - Piano, Preparatory A
    Carter Jackson - Piano, Preparatory B
    Thomas Sheehan - Piano, Preparatory B
    Sophie Qin - Piano, Level 1
    Liam Schneider - Piano, Level 1
    Braeden Turner - Piano, Level 2
    Tracy Zhu - Piano, Level 2
    Will Farris - Piano, Level 3
    Charles Miao - Piano, Level 3
    Keshav Mohan - Piano, Level 3 
    Sowmya Sankaran - Piano, Level 4
    Wesley WaiJun Wong - Piano, Level 4
    Hiro Jau - Piano, Level 5
    Caede Lutz - Piano, Level 5
    Maggie Chu - Piano,  Level 6
    Keon Deng - Piano, Level 8
    David Dy - Strings, Level 1
    Mercy Wuehler - Strings, Level 3
    Sophie Biernacki - Winds, Level 1

    State Award
    Russell Cozzens Guidice - Piano, Preparatory A 
    Austin Fan - Piano, Preparatory A 
    Anne Virginia Musser - Piano, Preparatory A
    Ruyi Dai - Piano, Preparatory B
    Kara Graziano- Piano, Preparatory B 
    Jade Huang- Piano, Preparatory B 
    Grace Waller- Piano, Preparatory B 
    Dylan Wu - Piano, Preparatory B
    Mollie Dallas- Piano, Level 1
    Caleb Fu- Piano, Level 1
    Olivia Jackson- Piano, Level 1
    Liam McKee- Piano, Level 1
    Alexander Peng- Piano, Level 1
    Indro Pramanik - Piano, Level 1
    Dorothy Zhou- Piano, Level 1
    Bella Inman Piano, Level 2
    Leo TolkPiano, Level 2
    Felipe Canaca- Piano, Level 3
    Allison Hamblin - Piano, Level 3
    Oliver Soulek- Piano, Level 3
    Gabriella Gallardo- Piano, Level 4
    Annalise Koehmstedt- Piano, Level 4
    Wesley Kuo- Piano, Level 4
    Grace Whitehead- Piano, Level 4
    Eva Schmidt - Piano, Level 5
    Yixin Huang - Piano, Level 6

  • Teachers of Award Winners


    Vivian Adams
    Nicholas Black
    Ryan Blakemore
    Timothy Blunk
    Ipek Brooks, NCTM
    Sara Callaway
    Rebecca Carlson
    Martha Carroll
    Elizabeth Churchya
    Katarzyna Cieslik
    Sarai Clayton
    Edward Conolly
    Alyssa Cowell
    Dawn Dalangin Hawk, NCTM
    Sandy Duran
    Marie Ellis
    Sara Ernst
    Carol Fifield
    Lindsey Fila
    Erin Flynn
    Elena Fomicheva
    Greg Genter
    Tatiana Gutnik
    Loretta Haskell
    Craig Hilton
    Renee Holliman
    Andrew Horowitz
    Laurie Hudicek
    LiPing Chen Hudson
    Sonya Ivanova
    Judith Jain
    Robin Kaplan
    Yewon Kerr
    Jessica Khakov
    Janet Mahoney
    Anne Mouslmani
    Mary Joy Nelson
    Margaret Louise Norwood
    Erica Ogden
    Caryn Ong
    Carol Prodan
    Anna Riggenbach
    Jana Ritchie
    Patricia Sasser
    Emily Stumpf
    Radhika Vundavalli
    Chris Wyton
    Faith Zuniga

    Northwest & Southwest

    Carolyn Angelier
    Lawrence Blind
    Ann Chen
    Wendy Cheung
    Tricia Cox
    Danielle Dallas
    Stephanie Davis
    Jal Feldman
    Paula Flynn
    Annette Freston
    Yuerong Gong
    Adam Haas
    Grace Huang
    Jennifer Jackson
    Cherlyn Johnson
    Isidora Jovanovic
    Irena Kirova
    Patricia Lee
    Judy Lim
    Tong Liu
    Ning Lu
    Claire Marshall
    Kristen McKinnis
    Makiko Meyer
    Romina Monsanto
    Madeleine Montgomery
    Andrew O’Brien
    Cindy Rogers
    Dan Sales
    Dixie L. Shipp-Napier
    Dorothy Sica
    Rebecca Ward
    Tawni Wright
    Miaojun Xu