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Celebrations of Excellence - US

Celebrations of Excellence - US

Celebrations of Excellence are recitals held across the country that acknowledge the outstanding achievements of RCM students. Award winners will be contacted via the email associated with their RCM account. To learn more about a specific ceremony, please select your location.

In 2019, The RCM Certificate Program implemented a tiered invitation system to include more students in Celebration of Excellence events.

Students are invited based on the following criteria:

  1. Gold Medalists
  2. On a region-by-region basis, if there is still capacity to accommodate more performers, we invite students who are State Award winners to participate. The 2022-2023 State Award Winners can be found here.
Award winners who are not able to attend their Celebration of Excellence event in person will be invited to submit a video recording via Dropbox. The virtual recital video will be published in Spring 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions
How to Record a Celebration of Excellence Video