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Group Classes & Ensembles

Group Classes & Ensembles

Group Classes and Ensembles
We offer a variety of group music classes and ensembles for students at all levels of learning in Toronto! 

What's the difference between Group Classes and Ensembles?  

Think: "Take" or "Make" music! In Group Classes, students learn to play/take lessons in a group setting. In Ensembles, students have reached a level of musical proficiency and begin "making" music in a group setting!

Group Classes (4-11 Years)

Our Learn to Play classes are the perfect starting point for young beginners. Learn the fundamentals of playing a musical instrument in a low-pressure group setting.

Choose from Piano, Guitar and Choir. After Learn to Play, students can continue group learning, and transition to the Music Enrichment Program (MEP), Music Enrichment Plus (MEPlus), or the Band Enrichment Program (BEP).

Some Learn to Play classes are also available over the summer months!

Ensembles (4-18 Years)

Oscar Peterson School of Music Ensembles include bands, chamber groups, choirs, advanced a cappella ensemble, and orchestra. Ensembles provide students with an avenue to deepen their musicality with like-minded individuals at similar skill and musicianship levels.

Explore our many options below or visit our course catalogue.