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Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation
Composers and RCO performing

Learn More About the Music You Love!

  • Understand the difference between a cadence and a cadenza.
  • ​Discover which composer with a gift for chamber music melody instinctively created a treasure chest of symphonic masterpieces.
  • Delve into the many concertos by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to learn more about these wonderful stories-without-words.
  • Explore the socio/political history, as well as the basic musical form and structure, of some of the world's greatest symphonies. 
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of great composers, artists, and musical works! The Oscar Peterson School of Music in Toronto offers an unsurpassed breadth of Music Appreciation classes taught by experts in a welcoming and intimate environment. These sessions are designed to expand your understanding and enjoyment of music across genres and historical periods, from the rich traditions of the past to exciting new creations of the present.

With new sessions offered every season, there is sure to be something that sparks your curiosity and fits your schedule. Select sessions include live performances by the rising stars of The Glenn Gould School and special concert ticket offers to enhance your experience.

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