The Royal Conservatory School

Located in our beautiful and historic downtown Toronto location, music learners of all ages and ability study with our acclaimed faculty year-round. Whether you aspire to perform at a professional level, want to play for pure enjoyment, or make music with others, there is something for everyone at The Royal Conservatory School.

Love music. Learn music. 

Early Childhood Education - father with newborn infant
Early Childhood Music Education

Formal music lessons are a powerful way to help children reach their full intellectual, social, and creative potential. Our Smart Start™ program is designed to provide the best start for children as young as newborns and up to 6 years old.  The baby and toddler classes are also a fun and engaging way to spend time with your little one. 

Music Lessons for Children - guitar student with teacher
Music Lessons for Children

Budding young musicians will find a fantastic place to start their creative journey at The Royal Conservatory. We offer a unique, comprehensive learning experience based in our 130-year history. Students as old as 3 years can enroll in our Music Enrichment Program (MEP), a curriculum that includes professional, one-on-one instruction and musicianship/theory and history. We also offer MEP for Suzuki strings, and our Band Enrichment Program (BEP). 

Group Classes and Ensemble for Children - violin students
Group Classes and Ensemble for Children

Group classes are a fantastic way for children to begin learning music without the intensity of one-on-one lessons. And ensemble work is a way for students to learn to work together, follow a conductor, and meet friends that may become musical partners for a lifetime. Explore our community of young learners!

Adults - piano teacher and student

It’s never too late to discover, or rediscover, the joy of studying music. Taught by some of The Royal Conservatory’s best teachers, our classes fit a variety of skill levels. From beginner to advanced, there is something for everyone.

Theory and History - student with theory teacher
Theory and History

Studying music theory and history is integral to developing well-rounded musicianship. Supported by The Royal Conservatory’s new Celebrate Theory curriculum, and taught by faculty who are members of The Royal Conservatory College of Examiners, students acquire musical literacy, harmony and composition skills, and historical context for the music they play at every level of study directly from the source!

Teacher Education - cello teacher with student
Teacher Education

Committed to the ongoing training of teachers and artists, the Royal Conservatory School offers teacher certification courses throughout the academic school year and during the summer. Our teacher professional development options include ongoing training opportunities as well as official recognition in internationally recognized methods such as Kodály, Orff, and Suzuki. We also offer our own Diploma program in Early Childhood Music Education.

General Interest - music appreciation class
General Interest

Go beyond the performance and take part in a Music Appreciation session. Join musical experts and fellow enthusiasts as you explore a diverse range of musical genres. Or visit The Royal Conservatory in the morning for a music-filled Harmony Yoga class. 

About the Royal Conservatory School - guitar student with teacher
About the Royal Conservatory School

We are part of The Royal Conservatory, an institution with a 135-year tradition of music education and assessment that unites communities across North America. RCS students learn from acclaimed Faculty in our beautiful and historic downtown Toronto location, and have access to first-class practice facilities. Our students also enjoy unique performance opportunities, concert tickets, and special offers.

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