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Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation
Kyra Millan singing

What inspired Beethoven to write his 5th Symphony?

What’s the difference between a cadenza and a cadence?

How does Purcell use musical word painting to make us feel the emotions of his characters?

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of great composers, artists, and musical works. The Royal Conservatory School in Toronto offers an unsurpassed breadth of Music Appreciation classes taught by experts in a welcoming and intimate environment. These sessions are designed to expand your understanding and enjoyment of music across genres and historical periods, from the rich traditions of the past to exciting new creations of the present.

With sessions offered in the morning, afternoon, and evening, there is sure to be something that sparks your curiosity and fits your schedule. Select sessions include live performances by the rising stars of The Glenn Gould School and special concert ticket offers to enhance your experience.

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2020 Music Appreciation Classes

Russian Passion & Power: Tchaikovsky Symphonies

Feb 19 - Mar 18
Wed: 10 am - Noon 
Rick Phillips

Everyone knows about Tchaikovsky's ballets. Learn about his symphonies!

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The Piano Music of Schumann & Brahms

Mar 5 - Mar 26
Thurs: 1 - 3 pm 
Rick Phillips

The distinctive, original, and beautiful piano music of Schumann and Brahms is revealed with their similarities and differences.

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The Operas of Giuseppe Verdi

April 1 - May 6
Wed: 10 am - Noon 
Wayne Gooding

Trace the arc of Verdi’s career, highlighting his stylistic development, dramatic priorities, and major innovations to opera.

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Musical Keys
Keys: Their Meaning and Magic

April 16 - May 14
Thurs: 10 am - Noon 
Clayton Scott

Immerse yourself in the sound and meaning of musical keys, and learn more about why composers choose the keys they do.

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The Symphonies of Beethoven: The Universe in Music

May 6 - June 10
Wed: 10 am - Noon
Rick Phillips

2020 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven! Celebrate by delving into his nine musical masterworks.

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Art of Song
The Art of Song: English Song

May 6 - June 3
Wed: 1 - 3 pm
David Eliakis

Discover more about the art of song through the great song repertoire of English composers.
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[email protected]: 4 More Great Composers

May 19 - June 9
Tues: Noon - 1 pm
Rick Phillips

Back by popular demand - yet again! This one-hour lunchtime series will feature composers Chopin, Brahms, Ravel and Copland.

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