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Performing Arts Division Staff

Performing Arts Division
Mervon Mehta, Executive Director
Aida Aydinyan, General Manager
Rysia Andrade, Ticketing Administrator  
Jennifer Bettencourt, Ticketing Data Administrator
Lillian Brooks, Facility Rentals Administrative Coordinator
Pieter Bruelemans, Head Stage
Julian Bulof, Associate Production Manager
Kristin Campbell, Facilities Rental Manager
Nolan Cox, Manager, Concessions & Beverage
Dayna Dickenson, Head Video and Shift Coordinator
Julian Gobert, Assistant Box Office Supervisor
Ian Harper, Head Audio
Jamie Kenny,  Box Office Supervisor
Radostina Ivanova, Marketing Coordinator
Akshay Kaushik, Marketing Manager
Heather Kelly, Marketing Consultant
Barbora Kršek, Concert Publicity Manager and Publications Editor
Kareen Lalicon, Manager, Ticketing Services and Operations
Chris MaGee, Facility Rentals Event Coordinator
Bramwell Pemberton, Associate Manager, Ticketing Services and Operations
Collette Radau, Supervisor of Licensee Events, Ticketing Services and Operations
Heather Richards, Head Electrician
Raúl Rodríguez, Assistant Audio
Alice Sellwood, Programming Manager and 21C Music Festival Producer
Kevin Shea, Front of House Manager
Zev Shoag, Lighting Technician
Joshua Warriner, Supervisor, Beverage Services & Operations
Calvin Wong, Facility Rentals Event Coordinator
Alexandra Wylie, Assistant Manager, Front of House
Annie Yao, Assistant Manager, Concessions & Beverage
Said Yassin, Manager of Concerts & Special Projects
Egan Yi, Supervisor, Beverage Services & Operations
Paul Zivontsis, Production Manager